Energy gel vending machine being installed in Sellwood

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Has this ever happened to you? You’re at mile 5 of your long run when you realize that the energy gel you planned to eat at mile 7 is still in your car. Five long miles away.

Well, for runners who use the waterfront loop (Steel to Sellwood Bridge) or Springwater Corridor in Portland, you don’t need to let this bother you anymore.

Students from the University of Oregon’s Lundquist Center for Entrepreneurship, working with a major energy gel brand, have created a vending machine that dispenses energy gel in 1-ounce servings. The vending machine will be delivered and installed on May 3, 2014, on the Springwater Trail just north of Oaks Park.

The machine is able to offer three flavors, and the inventors are taking votes on which three flavors to start with. The gel will be dispensed in small paper cups, which can be flat-folded and tucked into a pocket (so you don’t litter) and then composted.

The machine operates with credit card, dollar bills or coin, and each 1-ounce serving costs $2.

Vote below, or click here to vote for the flavors you think should be the first to be offered! (It’s the same poll, the link is if you can’t see the voting options posted below.)


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