The Costumed Runner Blog: 2014 Heartbreaker Half Marathon

Photographer: Mel Ortiz

Photographer: Mel Ortiz

Pre-Race Planning
I’ve always wanted to run this Valentine themed race and was pleasantly surprised to hear that it was in my neck of the woods in Hillsboro.  Previously in 2012 it was in downtown and would start at the World Trade Center.

I was able to purchase my heart costume online and used a local t-shirt printing vendor to iron on the words “Heartbreaker Half” to the costume. I then added black duct tape to simulate the break line.  I tested out this costume a couple weeks before the race and was happy to know that it was not only lightweight but allowed ease for me to run, compared to my previous costumes that can restrict movement.

The Day of the Race

Sunday, February 16 was surprisingly a dry day with some moisture from the night before.  I expected to be pelted by fierce winds and rain, but the running Gods took pity on us.  Just a week ago we had our version of Snowmeggedon 2014.  I was very thankful that this race was this weekend instead of the previous.  The half marathon course take place on a beautiful country road course in Hillsboro, OR starting and ending at Liberty High School track/stadium.

Costumed-runner-blog-picture-march (2)

Pictured: Mel Ortiz (Left), Bola Majekobaje aka Wonder Woman (Center), Sarita Amaya (Right)

My trusty running buddy Bola also dressed in full Wonder Woman regalia and I went about our race and conquered the dreaded “Heartbreaker Hill”.  There was a prize for top challenger who can run the fastest in the 1-mile timed section in the middle of Heart Breaker Hill which would not be me dressed in this costume.

We both finished our half in a decent time with some fans cheering us on when we entered the Liberty High School stadium.  I would definitely do this race again next year and of course the oversized heart medal makes the finish that  much sweater.

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