Recap: Run with the Eagle 5k in Beaverton

My daughter won the "Female 3 and under" division ... and beat me by 1 second at the Run with the Eagle 5k! Courtesy Jeff Huber of Huber Timing

My daughter won the “Female 3 and under” division … and beat me by 1 second at the Run with the Eagle 5k! Courtesy Jeff Huber of Huber Timing

The Run with the Eagle 5k in Beaverton was run on Saturday, March 8, 2014. Starting and finishing at Sexton Mountain Elementary School, the run was well-attended with 141 finishers and at least that many cheering fans along the course.

Fellow Run Oregon blogger Joe Dudman and I arrived at 8:30a, only a half hour before the race start at 9a. The registration volunteers were supported by Jeff and Heather of Huber Timing (my favorite soon-to-be husband/wife timing team) and I was able to quickly register on a tablet. Day of race registration was quick and easy, AND registered participants got a red reusable bag filled with goodies including Muscle Milk, a Nike sweatband, and a cool pink wrist sweatband from Sports Authority that my daughter loves.

The course map and elevation profile for the 2014 Run with the Eagle 5k in Beaverton.

The course map and elevation profile for the 2014 Run with the Eagle 5k in Beaverton. Click for a larger view. Courtesy Joe Dudman’s awesome watch.

Kids swarmed the playground and vendors at the wellness expo shared oranges, water, and information about Beaverton area fitness and health options. One martial arts studio even gave out foam Samurai swords to kids.

The race started on time under light rain, and for the first quarter mile or so I was “that mom” with the stroller trying to not sound mean asking if I could just “squeeze by” a few walkers and runners. I’ve noticed many people don’t want to start behind a stroller, no matter if they’re planning to walk or what pace they plan to go. Fortunately, there were lots of parents in the field, it seemed, because everyone was very polite. (Later in the race I even met a new mom that I might run with this summer!)

Now let’s talk about the course. We started out on some sidewalks and then quickly joined up with the Powerline Trail. I always forget just how hilly that trail is until I’m pushing a running stroller up the inclines. DARN, was it tough. A short while later we popped back out into neighborhoods, where many residents were out cheering for us. A lot of families had kazoos and the unique music was fun to run with. Volunteers were at every corner, some with cowbell, all with smiles and cheers.

Near the half-way point, the course follows the perimeter of the school, passing by the driveway just past the aid station staffed by awesome kids. Then came THE HILL. 155th and SW Nora. Now my least favorite hill in Beaverton. I bit the bullet and took a short walk break, which I later found out was common for even some of the speedy runners. But man, was it rough. I did appreciate all of the kudos I got from other runners for running with my daughter up those hills, though!


Janelle Henderson, despite a pesky hamstring, was the to women’s masters runner at the 2014 Run with the Eagle 5k. Credit: Heather Christensen

After the hill, we joined up with the Powerline Trail again for a really pretty section – and over a few bridges, which is always fun for some reason. We crossed one road and then soon enough, I saw Joe running back towards us and I knew the finish was close! We took a right and then sure enough, saw the police car marking the turn into the school’s playground and the finish line.

Post-race, there were oranges (satsumas, really) and bananas from Safeway, water for everyone, and granola bars. But more importantly, there was a twirly slide. The rain mainly during the first mile of my race and was practically done by the time I finished, so the slide was only a little bit wet – makes it faster, right?

A post on the race’s facebook page sounds like they plan to run the event again next year, so you’ll get your chance to try out the Hill yourself. Be sure to like them so you can stay on top of the race date – we’ll also make sure it’s on our calendar.

Top finishers – click here for full results for the 2014 Run with the Eagle 5k

Men’s Open

1. Paul Rottich of Beaverton, 16:13
2. Travis Mack of Bloomington, Ill., 17:36
3. Michael Oehl* of Beaverton, 18:10

Women’s Open

1. Laurel Manville of Portland, 17:39
2. Alexis Kebbe (age 12!) of Beaverton, 20:26
3. Eliza Smith of Woodburn, 20:56

Men’s Masters

1. Peter Heaver of Beaverton, 18:48
2. Fredrik Eriksson of Beaverton, 18:55
3. Joe Dudman of Portland, 19:06

Women’s Masters

1. Janelle Henderson of Portland, 23:20
2. Mary Bentley of Beaverton, 23:22
3. Ingrid Arnett of Beaverton, 25:54

Female 3 and Under

1. Eliza Barten of Beaverton, 32:12

*Denotes Masters

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