Results and Recap from the 2013 Freeze Your Gizzard Blizzard – and info for the 2014 Valentine’s Day River Run/Walk 3k/5k/10k on February 8


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2013 Freeze Your Gizzard Blizzard Recap by Tom Conklin

The 8th annual FREEZE trail run/walk lived up to its name on Saturday, December 28, 2013 as all 81 participants lined up in pursuit of their particular goal in a 27 degree fog.  Two racers in particular faced the weather for over a three hour challenge in the half marathon category.  These two area superwomen, Judy Powell and Diana Pishion, were on a special quest to complete walking 13 half marathons (13.1 miles) in 2013 (one half marathon per month), finishing on the slippery surface in 3 hours & 20 minutes.  These two warriors chose to start their quest at 8 am, two hours before the official starting time.

This year’s race was held at the new Lewis and Clark Festival Park, which offered many new features for all participants.

About the Jumpstart Race Series

The FREEZE race is the first of three Jumpstart Winter Three Race Series.  These winter events are extra elementary physical education, curriculum credit for all District 21 area elementary students.  Dry Hollow Elementary physical education specialist, JR Runyon, Chenowith specialist, Sammy Tennison and Colonel Wright specialist, Tom Conklin have worked to create an alternate activity to get our students out onto the Columbia River Trail during the winter months.  These are at no charge, in the hopes of keeping youth and adults active during the slower metabolic months of winter.

The goal for these winter trail events, is threefold, 1. To create an opportunity for folks to test their fitness on a flat, safe trail, train for another month and return in February for the Valentine’s event, and test your fitness against the same course, train for another month and finish with a final fitness test in March at the St. Patty’s Trail run/walk. Two months is enough time to see improvement in your running or walking fitness, if you get out 3-5 times per week.  The weight loss is a side benefit of this type of long range fitness planning.  2. Get folks out and moving, hopefully student’s can stir this activity within their own households. 3. To raise much needed funds for good causes.

The Jumpstart Series raises funds for the Colonel Wright Elementary Physical Education program and the Jumpstart Summer Basketball Program in Dufur.

Here are results from the Freeze your Gizzard Blizzard 3k, 5k, 10k and Half Marathon from December 28, 2013.

A little late, but better late than never, right?

Mt. Hood from The Dalles

Mt. Hood, as viewed on December 28, 2013 from the Dalles. Credit: Scott McMullen.

3k results

Luis Martinez 11:26

Luke Conklin 11:34

Justin Conklin 15:29

Ozvaldo Munoz 16:44

Logan Ensbury 18:32

Maisie Todd Bandel-Ramirez 20:16

Jeanette Atchely 20:30

Brynn Dawson 20:31

Amy Wenz 21:49

Lindy Esaacson 21:51

Trevor Waugh 22:46

Cole Waugh 27:48

Dustin Waugh 27:49

Carol Westhafer 29:19

Sabrina Mohr 29:20

Vickie Young 31:00

Linda Normal Barber 31:01

Doris Cunningham 31:29

Austin Manciu 31:30

Brenden Manciu 31:30

5k Results

John Young 18:51

Randall Jones 19;19

Theresa Whitfield 22:01

Robert Westhafer 22:36

Owen Lamp 23:10

Scott Bryant 25:58

Mimi McDonell 26;51

Kellen Joseph 27:11

Lorasa Jodie 27:56

Susie Griffin 28:01

Lacey Gorrod 28:23

Super Sue Billette 32:46

Dottie Truelove 32:50

Cindy Berkshire 33:29

Ben Eddy 33:30

Larry Fairclo 33:37

Yvonne Pepin-Wakefield 33:49

Steve Null 34.37

Crystal Eddy 34.41

Hope Johnson 37:19

Brook Remington 37:55

Liz Narciso 38:03

Amanda  Leslie 38:05

Donovan Hampton 38:10

Amy Hampton 38:17

Andrew Hampton 38:25

Patty cooper 38:57

Kim Granville 41:03

Edward Taylor 41:05

Katie Ortega 44:45

Alicia Ortega 44:45

Nancy Mathews 45:02

Eileen Reilich  53:56

10k results

Alex Dillard 30:28

David Bandel-Ramirez 42:34

Erin ford 42:53

Juan J ledezma  42:56

Darryl Houghtelling 43:49

Lara Stone 44:07

Leanne Neal 44:47

Salvador Ledezma 47:58

Leona Eggland  51:04

Andrew Grassman 55:26

Stephanni  McAninch 56:57

Kyle Chaffin 57:03

Bryan Mears 57:08

Lynn Rasmussen 58:34

Jen Hill 1:00.13

Elias Hill 1:00.15

Michelle Adams 1:01.44

Jennifer Harris 1:09.10

Chelsea Nares 1:09.25

Katie Scialabba  1:10.15

Mona Keys 1:35.50

Ruth Emett  1:35.50

Judy Shinn  1:36.21

Half Marathon

Judy Powell  3:20.00

Diana Pishion   3:20.00

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