Great Group Runs: WVRR’s Salem Saturday Group Run

willamette-valley-road-runners-wvrr-logoWe started a new feature last week to highligh great group runs across the area. Like we mentioned last time, for those new to running, a group run can be a great way to get involved, learn more about gear and nutrition, find others at your pace, and learn about fun races in the area. Many times, people are a little nervous to join a group run – which is perfectly understandable. However, you’ll usually find that groups that meet up for regular running are extremely welcoming, eager to talk to you and answer your questions, and happy you’ve dropped in.

The next run in our Great Group Runs series is Willamette Valley Road Runners Group Run on Saturdays.

The runs head to the Minto-Brown nature area with many varied and paved paths in a variety of different terrains (asphalt, bark, dirt). There is no leader on the runs and there are anywhere from 5-12 depending on if there is a local area race going on.

Map of Minto Brown Park

Map of Minto Brown Park

As far as distance, the average Saturday morning run is about 9 miles but can vary from 6 to 20.

The cost of an annual membership to WVRR is $20, and will be prorated depending on the month you sign up. There are also discounted family rates available. This will get you discounts at some local retailers and a few bucks off at all local races that WVRR puts on (including the Zena Road Runs and Salem Summer Solstice Runs). The Saturday runs, however, have no cost and do not require your membership in WVRR.

In summary:

What: Willamette Valley Road Runners Saturday Group Run

What time: 7a (but 730a from Dec-Jan)

Where: Governor’s Cup at 431 Court Street in downtown Salem

Distance/Pace: 8:30-12:00 min/mi

Know of another group run we should share? Just fill out our contact us form with the details!

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