2014 Get Bold Events Resolution Run 5k Recap

The Get Bold Resolution Run Backdrop

The Get Bold Resolution Run Backdrop

On Sunday I had the pleasure of running the 2014 Get Bold Events Resolution Run 5k! This race is one of my favorite races, put on by some of my favorite people. They always have a hug for me (or anyone else who wants one) and I always love their race shirt designs (so cute!). But wait there is more! You also get a great ‘expo’ with freebies and fun booths, filled goody bags, and a building to keep you warm. Let’s just say this small town race in Battleground Washington is growing quickly because it is so popular!  Luckily it is not growing too much though to lose that small town race ‘touch’.

On the morning of the race, surprising temps and ice slowed me down getting to the race (didn’t help getting out the door a wee bit late either). The bridges were visibly icy and I chose to play it safe on my drive there. I arrived at 9:30 and was able to find a parking spot quickly AND I still was able to get to registration, pick up my bib quickly and get my brother registered with tons of smiles. I loved how we still got a goody bag (seems many races are opting out of these lately) filled with information, coupons, and samples to include a full size soda and a protein bar. I do recommend registering early in the future as they cannot guarantee a shirt on day of registration. My brother decided to register on morning of the race, and they were out of my brothers ‘Mens Medium’. He completely understood and had no issues. I on the other hand was excited they had my size J! (Did I mention I like their shirts designs?)

The 5K Resolution Runners/walkers are off!

The 5K Resolution Runners/walkers are off!

Due to arriving late, there was not much wait time till the race. I looked at the Port O Potty line and decided to wait till the 10k racers started. I took the time to look at the expo booths instead. They had Max Muscle, Muscle Milk, Gortex, Sweet Spot Skirts, Phat Hoops, Foot Traffic, and a yummy pasta booth. I hope I didn’t miss anyone. They also had fire pits to keep people warm as well which was nice during the awards ceremony later.

Soon, “When Vanity Kills”!, the band for the day  sang a very harmonious Star Spangled Banner and the 10k and my brother were off.  The weather is usually crisp and clear, today had an extra air of chill. I had bundled up extra warm and it served me well. I was coming down from a cold and I told myself I was not going to race this event but take it easy.  After the 10k racers took off, there was plenty of room for a quick bathroom break before I lined up on the course and waited for the countdown. We were supposed to wait 10 minutes, but they let us go sooner which was nice in this cold weather.

Maryalicia's Race Results and the 1st Place winner above her.

Maryalicia’s Race Results and the 1st Place winner above her.

I set my IPOD to my 5K playlist and started the race turning north on Parkway. In previous years, I had always done the 10k, so this year’s 5k had me running a different course. I liked that change of route as well as seeing it from a different perspective. I remained true to my word and took it easy especially with the icy streets. I quickly found myself getting a good rhythm and pace in spite of my cold and I enjoyed the weather, sun, and my music as I ran. Truly, this is a flat and fast course and I found myself maintaining a 8:30 per mile pace. I felt great, so despite my better judgment, I picked it up the last mile and came in at a great time!

The post-party really wasn’t going quite yet and as I recovered I grabbed a Gatorade and Dave’s bread slice and headed over to the pancake breakfast.  I don’t drink beer, but if you did, there was also an option for beer from Laurelwood Brew Pub. I loved the large pancake, but we only got one slice. I went to cheer people in from the 10k and 5k while I waited for my brother to come in.

After my brother came in, I found out I came in 2nd in my age group! I laughed when I found out that ‘1st’ and I came in at the same time. Dang my hubby’s last name holding me back! I watched the 1k races, took a picture at their decoration backdrop, and watched the Polar Bear Slide while I waited for the awards. Not going to lie- after a majority of the people came in, I did go back for another I was so hungry. I opted not to do the Polar Bear Slide due to my cold and the fact I had to remove zipper stuff, and didn’t want to take off that many clothes. I was not brave enough. BUT! If you did do it you received a cute polar bear figure and could warm up in the hot tub.  The After party was definitely picking up by this time.

The Medal for the Get Bold Resolution Run Age Group Winners

The Medal for the Get Bold Resolution Run Age Group Winners

I received my award and left soon afterwards. I want to thank all the booths for being there and the Rescue Fire Cadet Program Booster Club. Those kids are there every year and we appreciate it! This race is awesome. Keep it up GetBold and don’t let it get too big!

Race Results Seen Here

After I wrote this they added a neat video here – I am seen at 2:43

Maryalicia with Karen and Ingri receiving her age group award

Maryalicia with Karen and Ingri receiving her age group award

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  1. My wife and I were there this past Sunday! (We ran the 5K) … it was cold … but incredibly brilliant … and I’m just talking about the Laurelwood beer! The day was great too! It WAS a totally fun time.

  2. It was a fun race, and this is a great recap! 🙂 Congrats on placing, MAV!

  3. Great job Maryalicia. Was a terrific event! By the way the 10K results weren’t linked. They’re at http://www.resultsdb.com/race_results.aspx?race_code=RES10K14. Was happy about that!

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