Kickstarter of the Week: Ledbetter Fitness Apparel

Ledbetter-headbandIf you know me, you know I’m not really into fashion.  At all.  If it fits & is comfortable, I’ll wear it.  I’m fully expecting to be accosted by a reality show someday for a complete wardrobe makeover.  I prefer to think of myself as low maintenance, not really out of fashion.  When I was given this particular assignment I kind of laughed to myself because I would be the last person who would embrace the concept of this new company.

But then……I watched their Kickstarter video and fell in love.  Then I read THIS on the Kickstarter page:

“We are real people with real struggles, stories, and testimonies. We are a community of health and fitness-minded individuals who desire to teach and inspire others to live out their God given potential through body, mind, and soul.

To “LEDBetter” is to (L)ive (E)very (D)ay (B)etter than the last. To strive for daily improvements of the body, mind and soul.

We have created the “Live Every Day Better” collection to inspire individuals to overcome life’s obstacles and promote hope for a bettertomorrow.”

And I apologize for the copy & paste, but I can’t do justice to what the mission of their company is.  I’m also a real person with real struggles (and as previously mentioned absolutely no fashion sense but still) and I too strive to live every day better.

Digging a little deeper I found out that the founder is deaf, two of the principal executives struggled with eating disorders and there’s more to Ledbetter than just clothing.  Their website has amazing tips for workoutsrecipes and more.  It’s inspiring.  Granted, these folks are more body building than running, but as a runner I am very mindful of my food intake and I do strength training regularly.

And their headbands are really freaking cute.  In addition to being fashion challenged I’m also lazy when it comes to hair and I can actually see myself wearing these adorable headbands.  They definitely will keep my long hair out of my face and you can wear them working out, or not.  Your choice.  They’ve also got tanks and t’s for ladies, hats and t’s for men.

My confidence level in these guys is actually pretty high given their obvious track record for creating a solid company.  They’ve got less than two week lefts to fully fund their new line of clothing and headbands, so check out their Kickstarter page and see what you think.

Again, I caution you, these guys are more weight lifting than running, but workout clothes are workout clothes and I really do like their stuff.  Maybe someday I’ll embrace the world of fashion and when I do, I’ll be gettin’ a cute Ledbetter headband for my mangy locks.


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