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Race Recap: Crawfish Crawl 5k

August 7, 2014 // 1 Comment

It’s been a looooong time since I have done a 5k. I usually am turned off by the idea because it seems like a lot of ‘do’ for not a whole lot of mileage. But, as my training has wound down from the Marathon last year, I have been more [read more...]

Race Preview: Crawfish Crawl 5k

July 31, 2014 // 0 Comments

It’s Crawfish season in Tualatin this weekend and yours truly will be celebrating by hitting the pavement for the 2014 Crawfish Crawl 5k, 10k, (new!) Half Marathon, and 1/2k kid’s Fun Run this Saturday, August 2. Can we all just agree [read more...]

Race Recap: Red, White, and Blues 5k

July 8, 2014 // 1 Comment

First of all, I really want to highlight the things that I liked about this race, and there are many. For one thing, the weather couldn’t have been any more perfect. Sunny, clear and cool in the morning for our 7am start time. I wasn’t too keen [read more...]