Run Oregon Stickmen Run moving to downtown Tigard – Starting January 3, 2020

Tigard Taphouse

This fun group of ladies tested out the routes around the Tigard Taphouse on December 23, 2019.

Due to a job change by yours-truly, the Friday night Run Oregon Stickmen run is moving to downtown Tigard. And due to swim lessons and something called “being a good partner,” it’s moving to a schedule of the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month. On months where there’s a 5th Friday, we’ll play it by ear!

Starting January 3, the group will meet at around 5:45-5:55p in front of Tigard Taphouse to start the run at 6p. During the winter months (when it’s dark before 6:45p) we will stick to city streets, and on longer days (when it’s not dark until after 6:45p) we will also make use of the Fanno Creek Trail.

We will run multiple routes, including these winter routes:

Commercial Street Trail to Teidemann and Walnut (3 miles)

Greenburg Road/Shady Loop with options (3, 3.5, or 4-ish miles)

And on days when we have more light:

Fanno Creek North (3-ish miles as shown, but easy to add or subtract. There’s also an option on singletrack which can be added, but is not stroller-friendly.)

Fanno Creek South (Almost 5 miles as shown, but easy to subtract)

With an option to add the Burnham-Commerical loop to add about a mile.

Parking is easy to find on downtown Tigard streets and public lots. In the winter, we’ll find a table inside, and when the weather is nice, we’ll head out to the outdoor seating area in back. Bonus: They have cornhole.

When we’re outside, you can bring your pupper/doggo, as they’re allowed on the back patio. Kids are allowed at Tigard Taphouse until 8p, and the routes are very stroller and dog-friendly.

Both the Fanno Creek trail routes have drinking fountains and bathrooms on the route (at Woodard Park going north and the Tigard Library heading south).

You can RSVP to each Tigard Taphouse Run Oregon run on facebook. Please include your pace for a 3-mile run so others can see if there are people at their preferred pace, and invite friends! You an also chat it up in the Run Oregon Group Run planning page on facebook. While you’re there, post some runs you’d like to share!




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