Mizuno Wave Sky 2 released!



Shoe: Mizuno Wave Sky 2
Category: Neutral
Weight: 11.5 oz
Heel Drop: 10mm
Release Date: 6/12/18
Cost: $150

Specs (from Mizuno): 

Maximum cushioning meets maximum comfort in the new Wave Sky 2, built for neutral runners. A full length U4icX midsole works in harmony with cloudwave technology for a plush and lively ride. Another key feature is the Aerohug fit technology, an innovative fit system which adapts to the runner’s foot in motion, to provide a comfortable fit with breathability and support.

I have been a fan of Mizuno’s running shoes for quite some time now. In fact, I have worn the their Wave Rider line since the release of their 18’s. The Mizuno Wave Sky 2 seems to be a natural complement to the Wave Rider 22’s as it stays with the theme of lots of cushion and a nice responsive feel with their Wave Plate.

The whole base seems a little thicker as well than the WR’s, something I personally don’t mind, but may be a turnoff for those looking to go super light. In fact, the footbead is really heavy (as far as footbeads go) so this may not be your ideal speed racing shoe. I think that the upper design is really nice, as the AeroHug technology (“midfoot integrated lacing system”) proves to be supremely comfortable. It’s made from a thin material that hugs the foot (hence the name) once the shoes are tied.

I think these are definitely road-only shoes as the lugs on the sole are pretty minimal and not lending itself to super technical runs. However, I have no doubt it can hold up to all road running conditions – wet or not.

As a larger runner (~190-200 lbs), I appreciate the additional cushion, as it feels a little more pronounced than the WR’s. However, even with the softness inside, it actually rebounds quite nicely and has better road feel than I anticipated. These are probably the most cushioned shoes I have worn to date and it will be interesting to see how they will play out in the long run, as too much cushioning can sometimes lead to hotspots on my feet. But I can tell you that just walking around and putting a few 5k jaunts in them, that they both feel and look nice right off the bat.








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