Hump Day Happy Hour: Kegs & Legs Beers of the Week from Deschutes Brewing

I’m pretty sure that most craft beer drinkers out there have had some staples from Deschutes BrewingFresh Squeezed IPA and Mirror Pond Pale Ale. I’m fairly certain that these were both some of my earliest forays into the craft beer scene.

Deschutes is an Oregon success story – growing and expanding into many states, with plans for an operation in Roanoke, VA – all while staying true to the local scene and remaining employee owned? Despite their growth, they remain super committed to environmental causes and sustainability. I have been to their large production facility just west of the Deschutes River near the Old Mill district in Bend. They also have a brewery/restaurant location in downtown Bend a relatively new (a few years) establishment in The Pearl in PDX.

Like I mentioned, I have had all of these beers before, and their glass bottles have filled up many a cooler for summer gatherings and trunks. I generally keep a handful of these in the fridge for company, as they are reliably solid beers amidst my continuously growing and diversely funky collection. I like trying new beers, but my selection definitely isn’t for everyone that comes over.

Last month we posted on Facebook that Deschutes was going to be canning a variety of their standard beers, something that we appreciated for the sheer fact that they would be lighter and more easily packable. Even beyond that, the artwork on the cans looked pretty dang sweet.

Fresh Squeezed is one of my go-to citrusy IPA’s. It’s not super hoppy in the realm of the style, and I get a pretty heavy floral and grapefruit smell and taste. It can be drunk year round, but is perfect for those warm summer days and evenings.

When I think of Mirror Pond Pale Ale, I just feel like this is the classic NW Pale Ale. Though I don’t remember exactly, I am fairly certain that this was the first pale ale I ever tasted. It’s a simple and easy standard for the beer connoisuer and the novice alike. I find it to be a little citrus-forward with mild bitterness and balanced quite nicely with malt. It’s been around forever, and for good reason.

The Pacific Wonderland Lager is one of the newer Deschutes beers, as it just hit the everyday lineup about a year ago. Their beermaster described the idea behind this beer as:

“When we set out to create Pacific Wonderland, we wanted to capture the diverse spirit of Oregon in a single beer that we could share with everyone. Our team explored something a little different, creating a lager by style and then dry hopping it to make something unique – just like our home state.”

Deschutes does their own unique twist on the lager by dry-hopping it, making it crisp like a lager, and mild enough to have it be an “everyday” beer. And seeing that the idea behind this beer as one that can fill your coolers on every weekend excursion Oregon can throw your way (coast, desert, mountains, lakes, rivers, etc), it only makes sense to add these to the new can lineup.

These three beers are a great first foray into Deschutes can line-up and, as of 2/19/18, are being shipped across the state and country.


Brewery: Deschutes Brewery (Facebook)

  • 901 SW Simpson Ave Bend, OR 97702
  • 1044 NW Bond Street Bend, OR 97703
  • 210 NW 11th Ave. Portland, OR 97209
  • 315 Market St. SE Roanoke, VA 24011
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