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Make a Day of It – Pete the Cat: The Musical at Oregon Children’s Theater

Since becoming a parent, I have been hopeful that my kiddos would enjoy running. We’ve gone through a phase where my daughter (soon to be 6) was upset if she didn’t win, but I think she’s over that – I give her plenty of examples where I run a race and don’t win!

I’m also hopeful that they’ll enjoy reading. So far I think we are on the right track … and much of that has had to do with the wonderful programs at the Washington County Cooperative Library. Last summer, they did a story time/craft around Pete the Cat, and ever since then, Pete the Cat books by James and Kim Dean and Eric Litwin have been a frequent request. Pete the Cat is an incredibly mellow cat that rides a skateboard, plays guitar, and goes to school. He handles everything with a laid-back response, and the books deal with topics of interest to elementary students. Stories about how to deal with friend trouble are especially popular at our house, where my daughter is figuring out how to navigate friendships.

So this Make a Day of It brings the two together: a trip to the Oregon Children’s Theater’s production of Pete the Cat: The Musical. The run is a no-brainer, what with the amazing Portland Children’s Museum right on the edge of Forest Park and the Wildwood trailhead. Recruit a running buddy or three with kiddos (or your partner), and head to the Children’s Museum, while two of you play at the museum with the young ‘uns, the other two can go run, then trade. My husband and I have done that a time or two. Everyone wins … the kids get to go to one of their favorite places, and we both get a trail run in.

Then, once we’re all happy and tired, we can get a bite to eat, and head to the Newmark Theater (at SW Main and SW Broadway) for a production of Pete the Cat: The Musical.

The first production is this Saturday, January 20 at 2p. Through February 18, there are shows on each Saturday and Sunday. Saturdays, there’s a show at 2p and one at 5p. Most Sundays, there are shows at 11a and 2p. Tickets range from $14-$32, and the show is recommended for ages 4 and older (it’s a 60-minute show with no intermission, so definitely have a bathroom break before curtain).

There are some neat things to do both before and after the productions. To get the audience members in the right groove, there are crafts to do before the show starts. Afterwards, the cast members come out to meet the fans and sign the playbill.

I also highly recommend finding a pair of cat ears (blue, if you can manage), a pair of sunglasses, and a pair of red Chuck Taylors for your little one after the show. They’ll be able to put on their own production right in your very own living room!

Click here for more information, see showtimes, and buy tickets for Pete the Cat: the Musical. 

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