Kegs & Legs Brewery of the Week: Buoy Beer Company

Brewery: Buoy Beer Company

  • Open Every Day at 11am


Flagship / Most Popular Beers:

  • Buoy IPA & Buoy Czech Pils(the only ones we bottle and can)
  • We have 8 standard beers total:
    • Helles Lager
    • Dunkel Lager
    • Cream Ale
    • Pale Ale
    • Oatmeal Stout
    • NW Red Ale

Our lagers (Helles, Dunkel, and Czech Pils) are brewed traditionally with no additives and a 60 day fermentation cycle. We have a small batch system in our Taproom where the brewers experiment by making one-time batches that rarely distribute outside the restaurant.

How they got started:

It was the original idea of local entrepreneur Luke Colvin, who was seeking a way to have a bigger impact in the community beyond his successful service based arbor business. One of his clients from Seaside had a substantial home brewery in his garage and had been perfecting his favorite Lagers for over 40 years. After enjoying the recipes that our founding brewer Dan Hamilton was able to craft, Luke began tossing around the ambitious thought of opening a brewery.

Luke bounced the idea around to Dan, his brother-in-law David Kroening, his long time friend and business advisor Jerry Kasinger, and also to local businessman Andrew Bornstein, who suggested his family’s 90+ year old cannery building as a potential site for the venture. The building was old, and in such a state of disrepair that he doubted it would be feasible, but the uniqueness, the history, and the views couldn’t be beat. That formed the founding team and location for Buoy Beer.

I have been to Buoy Beer Company in the past, and it truly is a unique and awesome place to grab a beer.

What is your relationship with running and/or fitness community:

The brewery is located right on the Astoria Riverwalk, a well-used running, strolling, and biking path. Last year they started sponsoring the Run On The River, a race held to support the Astoria Parks, Recreation, and Community Foundation.

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