What Run Oregon is Trying: Sock Club subscription box

Editor’s note: This post may not seem to be running related, but Sock Club is hoping to soon venture into the athletic socks world and wanted us to check their current products out in advance.

January’s pair

I am in running gear 1-2 hours/day, a fair amount, but nowhere near the 10+ hours I am in need of business casual attire. Over the past few months, we have started profiling some “lifestyle” clothing gear that still holds true to an active Pacific Northwesterners sensibilities. Sock Club is a monthly subscription service that send a new pair to your mailbox each month.

February’s Pair

While I love having nice casual socks in my dresser, I HATE shopping for socks. I can never decide what I want, and I always feel like a waste when I realize that I just spent an hour shopping for socks – of all things. What ends up happening is, I either buy a mega pack of crappy pairs (because I don’t want to shop for them again), or I end up wearing the same pairs for years – which is kind of gross.Sock Club takes the guess work out of it. Just input your gender and foot size and sit back and wait for them to roll in.

I like that their socks are made in an American factory, meaning that the processes are eco-friendly and those making the socks are paid a living wage. This also enables us to use our member feedback to help us grow and create socks that you will love. On top of that, these socks are really comfortable. I’m not going to go into major detail on “reviewing” a sock, but the feel is great and the look is stylish (without going over the top).

Sock Club also has the ability to make custom socks. Right now, they are using their custom projects to create custom dress socks, as well as refine their athletic bandwith of performance and fashion.  Once they get this down, they will release a subscription service for athletic socks as well, in addition to creating awesome custom socks for your running club, race entry gift, or for the favorite runner in your life. Bookmark them!

Subscription: Sock Club
Cost: $12/monthly (pay as you go); $132/year
Cycle: Monthly
Features: 1 pair of socks

March 2017 pair

Sock Club founders, Noah and Dane, began Sock Club because they wanted to share their love of socks with the world. They started small, curating awesome socks from other labels, and soon decided that they wanted to focus on American manufacturing. Now all of Sock Club’s socks are designed in Austin, and proudly made with cotton grown and knit in the Southeastern United States. Our socks now go everywhere in the world, building a tradition of style, quality, and comfort.

A Sock Club subscription provides family and friends the opportunity to share the tradition and mastery of the American knitting industry with each other. We guarantee that each and every month we will deliver a newly designed pair of quality socks that will surprise our members, make them smile, and remind the recipients they are loved.

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