Race preview: 2016 Portland Twilight 10,000

If you "like" the 10,000, this race is for you!

On Friday evening, August 5th, Portland Track is hosting a 10,000 meter track race. Note, that I didn't call it a "10K". One of my running quirks is referring to track races in thousands of meters, and leaving the "K"s to the roads. Portland Track describes their motivation to host this event very nicely:
"The 10,000m is a race that's losing respect. 25 laps around the track is a race of beauty, of strength and determination. Some of the greatest distance races of all-time have been contested over the distance. As the big events lose interest in the event, we've seen this as a calling, a reason to launch our own 10,000m right here in Portland."
The 10k road race has always been my nemesis, as I have never been able to fully master the combination of all-out speed and diligent pacing the distance requires. And in my long running career, I have only run two 10,000 meter races on the track, 20 years apart: At the conference championships as a freshman in college in 1983, and at Hayward Field at the USATF National Masters Championships in 2003. I remember the 25-lap experience as a grueling exercise in stamina and mental toughness, as the surrounding scenery, spectators, and other athletes formed a flip book of images 25 pages long. You see the same people each circuit, very slightly repositioned as the race progresses. Somehow I managed solid times and successful results each time, but I have the utmost respect for anyone who can endure this event more than twice, or more frequently than every two decades!

What: The Portland Twilight 10,000

When: Friday, August 5th

Where: Lewis And Clark College Track

What time: 5:00p

Registration: Only $10 for adults, $5 for students. You can register online HERE.

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