Race Recap: 2016 Mommathon 5K & 10K

The morning started off cool and a little drizzly as I made my way to the Liberty High School Stadium for the Mommathon 5K & 10K, put on by both Uberthons and Mom’s Run This Town. I hadn’t been able to make packet pick-up at the Washington Square Mall Athleta a couple nights prior, so picking up my bib was first on my to-do list. I arrived at the stadium at approximately 8:15am (the 5K was not scheduled to begin until 9:15am). The line to bib pick up was maybe 7 deep, and the entire process of getting my bib took a whole 3-5 minutes tops; it was quick, easy, and painless. Along with our bibs, race participants received a pretty decently sized Athleta tote bag. I’m a big tote fan, so I thought this was a pretty sweet bonus.

Since bib pick up went much quicker than I thought and I still had a little less than an hour until my race, I ashamedly sat in my car for awhile. I may be an Oregonian, but just standing around in cold weather is not my forte. Eventually I did make it back out in time to see race participants going through yoga stretches on the track. At this point, the drizzly weather had disappeared and it looked like it was going to be perfect racing weather.

The 10k’ers lined up as scheduled, set to begin right at 9:00am. Race Director, Darwin Rasmussen, was on the microphone announcing and entertaining folks. And in what seemed like mere moments, the 10k racers took off. Eventually it was the 5k’ers turn to line up. I took to the front along with fellow Run Oregon blogger, Brian Bernier, and a few other brave folks. Darwin Rasmussen announced that the “fast people are in the front and the good-looking people are in the back” which made everyone, including myself, chuckle. Mr. Rasmussen gave a brief rundown of the course and explained the wave start, and just like that we were being counted down… 3, 2, 1, go!

Overall 5K, 10K, & Fitness Challenge trophies

The course itself was an out and back that was very well-marked with cones through the entirety of the race. It was just after the turnaround that I began to pass some 10k’ers who I believe were on their second loop. The cones near the water station (located right in the middle of the race) were set up in a way that provided a lane for 10k’ers and a lane for 5k’ers, so there weren’t any head on collisions. The toughest part of the course for me took place with about a mile to go as it was a gradual incline that seemed to just go on forever (it didn’t, luckily). The very last part of the race connected us back onto the Liberty High School track, which meant about 300 meters until the finish line. I actually love that the course ended on the track as it seemed to make for a quick paced finish.

As I crossed the line, a couple of the race organizers pulled out the “winner” banner for me to run through, which is always an awesome feeling. Other race volunteers were quick to place the finishers medal and the 1st place medal around my neck. Let me tell ya, the medals for Uberthons events seem to never disappoint, and the medals (and belt buckles) for this event were no different!

Top 3 finishers medals

The entire event was pretty incredible. It was so much fun to see families participating together and taking part in the fitness challenges. The sun even came out at the conclusion of the race. There were sponsored tents galore which included goodies like bagels, doughnuts, mini Jamba Juice smoothies, raffle prizes, and so much more. I loaded up on literally every sample possible and even scored a whole loaf of bread; I was stoked about this. Age group winners for the 5k and 10k races each earned an Uberthons pin. Overall 5k and 10k male & female finishers earned a ginormous trophy from KNC tropies and top 3 finishers received either a gold, silver or bronze medal. Overall male & female fitness challenge winners also won ginormous trophies from KNC. Medals were available for purchase for the Kids’ Run as well.

The start of the Kids’ Run

Top 3 male 10k finishers:

Neil Callaghan 34:41
Noel Tavan 39:28
Dan Donovan 40:12

Top 3 female 10k finishers:

Kelly Chang 41:44
Tiffany Elmer 42:29
Nikki Rafie 42:38

Top 3 male 5k finishers:

Brian Bernier 16:12 (Editor’s Note: Congrats Run Oregon!)
Yosef Rotman 20:10
Toto Vo 20:24

Top 3 female 5k finishers:

Rachel Peters 20:17 (Editor’s Note: Congrats Run Oregon!)
Miriam Jaffee 21:41
Randi Phillips 21:47

For a full list of results click here

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