Race Preview: 2015 Civil War Relay

Everyone knows the downsides of relays, stinky vans, too little rest, sleeping outside and the knowledge that no matter the distance, the third leg is the longest. They are fun though, and the sense of community and bonding time with your sweaty team mates is irreplaceable. The best way to enjoy the relay experience has got to be the one day relay, and the Civil War Relay is coming up fast. Slated for December 6th, it will be traversing the roads between Albany and Eugene.

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The course is about 52 miles long, and each leg is around 2 miles in length. Teams are capped at 5 runners, with one vehicle per team. They have competitive and noncompetitive divisions, with the difference being the competitive teams must keep the same hand off order through out the event. There is a discount entry fee for high school teams. As with any relay, there will be some markings, but it is highly recommended that participants know their route before starting the leg. It is run on open roads, so normal precautions should be taken while running. Registration is $375 per team. It is worth noting that the event has a strict no headphones policy, and breaking it will result in immediate disqualification.

Time is running out to get registered for this unique event. Scheduled on the same day as the momentous Civil War game, it is a great way to showcase your fan spirit and get a good run in. This is probably one of the flattest relay courses and scenic if rain doesn’t limit visibility. Plenty of food and dry clothes will be highly recommended to make this a pleasurable experience. The best element would be to have great company of course, but don’t pick your fastest friends, as that will make your rest periods far too short!

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