Small Race Preview: 2015 Skamania County Fair 5k (for $2!)

Columbia Gorge Running Club Logo for Skamania County Fair 5k I hardly need more motivation to visit Stevenson, WA, and if I did, it might just be the Skamania County Fair 5k.  A small, community-oriented run, this race is coordinated by the Columbia Gorge Running Club and will feature some of the best the gorge has to offer when it comes to scenery and atmosphere.

Anyone remember the last time they paid less than $10 for a 5k? I sure don’t.  Especially since the trend seems to be that races are getting more and more expensive. The Columbia Gorge Running Club allows its members to race for free, while non-members pay a whopping $2.  If that’s not a great race deal, I don’t know what is. Membership will run you $10 for the year, so depending on your schedule, you could more than make up for the cost in 12 months.

The 5k course has an out-and-back set up, looping either end of Stevenson, which can be hilly in places but they manage to be mercifully short.  You’ll wind through fairgrounds, country roads, and finish in historic downtown Stevenson for a race that’ll leave you feeling all the small town atmosphere you could ever ask for, in a place that’s just about as picturesque as they come.

Race Vitals:

Where: Stevenson Fairgrounds (Exhibit Hall)

When: Saturday, August 15th at 8am

How Much: $2 (no, seriously)

Register here.

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