Race preview: 2015 Britt Woods Firehouse Run, July 11th, Jacksonville, OR

A couple runners try to take advantage of a head start at the Britt Woods Firehouse Run.

The Southern Oregon Runners will host the 14th Britt Woods Firehouse Run on Saturday, July 11th, in Jacksonville. This unique event makes use of two loops in the beautiful and historic Britt Woods area.  Runners can choose to run either of the loops individually as “exhibition” runs (no official times or results), or they can tackle the 10k and run both loops for a shot at trophies, ribbons, and even prize money for the top three overall. The short loop is 1.9 miles, while the long loop is 4.3. The event also includes a 100 yard fun run for kids.

“Don’t look back, somebody might be gaining on you.” – Satchel Paige

The course and the setting are special enough, but what really makes this race unique is the age and gender handicapping and the staggered start. The event is designed so that anyone has a chance of winning, regardless of youth, seniority, or distribution of X and Y chromosomes. A detailed chart on the entry form, lays out the formula. For example, 9-year-old girls, 58-year-old women, and 68-year-old men all get a 19-minute head start over 19- to 30-year-old men. Meanwhile, 19- to 39-year-old women, 11-year-old boys, and 54- and 55-year-old men get an 8-minute head start, and so on. Trust me, it’s really not as complicated as it sounds, and it makes for an exciting and unpredictable competition! In another nice twist, previous winners are handicapped 1 minute for each win, so freaks of nature, young or old, are not guaranteed repeated victories either.

Prizes include trophies for the overall male and female winners, ribbons to the Top 20 finishers, and prize money to the top three overall ($100 for 1st, $50 for 2nd, and $25 for 3rd). All finishers will also receive medals.

The 10k is only $12 by July 3rd ($30 with a tech shirt). The fun run and exhibition runs are $7 ($22 with tech shirt). All proceeds benefit the Jacksonville Fire Department.

What: The 14th Britt Woods Firehouse Run

When: Saturday, July 11th

Where: The Britt Woods, Jacksonville, OR

What time: It depends on your age and gender, but the first runners start the 10k at 8:00a. The single-loop exhibition runs begin at 7:00a, and the 100 yard fun run start at 7:30.

Registration: Mail in entries must be postmarked by July 3rd to guarantee a shirt. You can also register online HERE.

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