Race Preview: 2015 Stars and Stripes Marathon, Half Marathon and 5k

I have yet to run a fourth of July themed race but I would like to.  Last year I had the privilege of being a spectator at the Stars and Stripes Marathon, Half Marathon and 5k. This super low-key race (capped at 100) is unique in that it is the third race in what is known as the Fire Cracker Triple.

You see, there are a group of “crazies” out there who like to run three half or full marathons in three days. The race director, Steve Walters is a very accomplished Marathon Maniac and Half Fanatic, which in that club makes him a “Double Agent.” Last year Steve also put on the first in the triple, the Cook Park Marathon, Half Marathon and 5K on that Friday, and he will be doing the same this year. The second in the series happens to be the Foot Traffic Flat.

Starts and Stripes is run along the Fanno Creek Trail in Beaverton. It’s a peaceful and scenic venue for a race. For both the marathon and the half marathon runners do a continuous 3.28 mile loop, and it is chip timed by Huber timing. It’s a set up that’s quite different but it’s pretty neat for the runners to be cheered by everyone at the start and finish every time they pass through. As I mentioned before, last year I was a spectator, not just at Stars and Stripes but at all three races, as my husband did the triple challenge.

At Stars and Stripes it was exciting to see the runners come back through every half hour or so. It was also interesting to watch them begin to reach deep in to that place most of us are familiar with as they began to enter in to their final laps. Three half or full marathons in three consecutive days? Right now that is hard for me to fathom, but maybe at some point in my training I will feel up to the challenge. Every single runner out there doing it had great attitudes. It was a very upbeat race. I am not in half marathon shape quite yet but I plan to sign up for the 5k.

Another great thing about this race is the super low price. Even now, with the last price increase the marathon is only $50.00 through race day.

Do yourself a favor and sign up for this event. Already signed up for a Fourth of July weekend event on Saturday? Test your mettle and do it anyway! Hurry though, as again the race is capped at 100.

Event: Starts and Stripes Marathon, Half Marathon and 5k

When: Sunday, July 5th 2015

Where: Fanno Farmhouse, 8405 SW Creekside Place, Beaverton, Oregon

Start Times:  Marathon: 7:00am*; Half Marathon: 7:30am; 5k: 8:05am (an early start is available for the marathon at 6:00 a.m.


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