Drink the beer and run the miles… Robin’s 2015 Gorgeous Pub Relay recap.

I was lucky enough to get a team registered (before it sold out in minutes!) for the Gorgeous Portland Pub Relay.  This is a fun 26-ish mile run through downtown Portland.  Sampling some of the great craft beers we have on tap in our fair city, as well as log a few miles with some crazy runners and good friends for half a day is completely my idea of a good time, and if you think so, hopefully this event will be back next year!  See you there? Depending on your team size will determine how many miles you could be logging.... and don't get turned around!  We had a "six pack" to tackle the six legs with the longest being a 5.3 mile run.  I brought in the finish with a 3.2 mile run for my leg, but I somehow got really lost and did 2.8 miles instead.... or the garmin was just way off.  I know I wasn't feeling confident though and used the words "I'm lost" on a phone call to the designated driver for me team to guide me in.  That aside, it was a fun time and I know my team mates had a blast. 

The relay is set up so that you know which pub you are starting at (and where you will eventually end up) but the map to the next pub is not given until the runner from your team arrives from their leg.  The runner checks in, gets a map to hand off to the next runner and a map to give to the driver to meet at the next pub.  I highly recommend having a runner who will not be imbibing in the spirits or having a friend who doesn’t mind not running or drinking to drive the drunk tank (I mean, relay runners) around.  I’m not sure how things might change for next year, but do bring a couple bucks to buy a sample here and there.  Not all the pubs were offering a free drink.  Unfortunately there was a miscommunication with a couple locations (between management of the pub and those lucky employees who worked the Saturday morning of this race)  opening early for us relayers to have a sample.  That was a bummer at first, especially since I hadn’t heard of some of these pubs, but that was just a small bump in the overall experience.  Did I mention bump?  Because I didn’t think Portland was so hilly!  Check out the course elevation charts here.

There may have been a couple hiccups here and there, but they were minor.  The organizers were well aware of the miscommunication about the first few pubs and we all knew going into this FREE event that the course was unmarked, streets were not closed and volunteers would be limited as well as not out directing runners where to go.  I’m proud to have been part of the inaugural year and can’t wait to see how this event develops and changes over the coming years.  You’ll see me out there again and I hope to see you as well!  I don’t want to give away which pubs we visited because I don’t want to ruin any surprises the crew at The Gorgeous Series might be using for next year, and quite honestly, things got pretty fuzzy after the third pub.

What local pubs would you like to see on a Portland Pub Relay and what’s your favorite local brew?


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