Race Preview: Andiethon – a virtual race to benefit Andie Proskus

Andie_Proskus_ShamrockIf you run enough races in the Portland area, particularly in the southwest metro area, you’ll likely to have seen Andie Proskus, either in a race herself or just out on her own. Run Oregon blogger Teresa Wymetalek provided a nice write-up of Andie’s background a year ago, from a brief description of the muscular disease that has afflicted her body but not her spirit, to her determination to continue walking/racing as long as she can.

Uberthons and other running friends of Andie have put together a virtual race to raise funds for her. The Andiethon is a virtual 5K race that can be run any time in May or June. Register for the race, run it on your own schedule, submit your results to Uberthons, and pick up your race medal at the Freedomthon on July 4. (Or you can pay the postage to have the medal mailed to you.)

Why the Freedomthon? Because that is Andie’s favorite Uberthons race. Also to be shared will be any comments for her that can be added during the registration process.

The cost of the virtual race is $20, of which $5 goes toward the cost of the medal; the other $15 will go towards the cost of purchasing her a Hoyt Running Chair. As of this post, the medal is still being designed but check back here for more details.


Andiethon Virtual 5K

When: Any time between May 1 and June 30.

Where: Wherever you like.

Register: Online here by June 10 for $20 (includes race medal).

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