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Race Preview: 2015 Run the Devils Sand Box

Sometimes, running is all about taking in the scenery, and the coast is often a great place to do that, especially on the beach. On May 3rd in Lincoln City, Ascherl Industries will be putting on the 2015 Run the Devils Sand Box, which has a 3ish and 7ish (their terms) mile fun runs, with a walk at the shorter distance. Part of the Trail Challenge Series, both courses are an out and back on the beach. The view will be great, but the wind may be as well. Spring on the coast can be a bit temperamental, so having a couple of outfits handy might help.

Both events begin at 10 am at the SW 51st St Taft Waterfront Shelter. Parking will be free. You can register through UltraSignup until April 30th. All of the proceeds will benefit the North Lincoln Fire and Rescue Firefighters Association. The short race is $20 and the long one $30. There is no pre race bib pickup, just the morning of at the event site. The site does state that 4 legged participants are welcome, but it would definitely be a bad idea to bring out the jogging strollers.

May is a great time to visit the coast, and Lincoln City is definitely one of the nicer towns. With plenty to do after the run, this could be a full day of fun. The proceeds go to a great cause and running on the sand is always a great workout, regardless of pace. Mo’s is right next to the start/finish area, and it is never a bad day for a great bowl of chowder as post race fueling. So if you are looking for a low-key, small, yet challenging event in May, definitely consider this one.

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