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The Obsessed Fortysomething Runner: Why I’m Going to Stop Running

The top 10 reasons I’m going to stop running:

10. Running made me lean, so lean that I can see my abs. And you know what? I’ve got these freaky, mis-aligned abs that look nothing like the perfectly sculpted six-packs you see on models. I think I’d rather not know that.

9. I feel like a glutton because I eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, and often another quasi-meal at night.

8. Between 3-4 pairs of new running shoes a year on average, tech shirts that I can’t resist buying, gadgets like GPS watches, and race fees, it’s not cheap.

7. I need the time to go back to playing video games. My older son is reaching the age where he’s getting competitive with, if not superior to me at a whole bunch of games, activities, etc.

6. I’m tired of having to do so much laundry. Seriously.

5. My clothes drawer is getting too full of race shirts.

4. Too many showers is not good for the skin. I guess I could skip showering after a morning run on days I plan for a two-a-day, but I don’t think co-workers will be very enthusiastic.

3. Running too much is bad for you. The press keeps telling me that.

2. I’m disappointed that I didn’t win the fitness challenge at the Mommathon. I maxed out the running points but that was worth only 40% of the maximum cross-fit points. I’m switching to cross-fit/boot camp.

1. I’m watching way too much TV because there’s nothing else to do on the treadmill.


Okay, not!!!! 

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Law prof by day, runner all the time. Got off the couch in January 2011 and have been obsessed with running ever since.

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