Fast Guy Problems: Chasing Champions 2015 at the Fueled by Fine Wine Half

I have to be honest here, one of the biggest things that keeps me running is the feeling of going fast. Not just all out sprinting, but hitting that sweet spot where all of the bodies systems are in sync to get in a mode that I call 'cruising', the actual pace dependent upon the distance. Trying to hit that on race day is tough, especially for the shorter distances. In the half marathon, if I can keep the first couple miles at about 6:15, I get warmed up and slowly start running negative splits. Chasing Champions is a great way for me to utilize that feeling in an attempt to raise money for a local nonprofit.

The beneficiary is a local nonprofit that helps the community in several ways. They put on multiple sports camps as well as a musical camp and fishing derby for kids. A large number of the kids are allowed to participate at a discounted rate, or even for free. We sent our 8 year old to the soccer camp last year and she had a blast honing her skills. They also give out multiple college scholarships to graduating high school seniors, every year. They also have the Seeds of Hope program, a helping hand for families that are victims of a life threatening medical crisis.

Fueled by Fine Wine Half Marathon is definitely one of my favorite runs. It brings people from all over the map, and has a cap of 1200 people, yet still maintains that small town run atmosphere somehow. The course can only be described as intense, as it winds through and around the vineyards outside of Dundee. Plentiful water stations ease the trial, and the views are unmatched. The race director was also gracious enough to donate my entry, which I am thankful for. Energy Events is on hand for the timing and course marking duties, so there is no question of issues with that.

The winners from 2014

The method we use to accept the donations is quite simple. I start 10 minutes after the gun, at which point the leaders are almost a mile and a half ahead. Weaving through the hordes of runners and attempting to overtake as many as possible before the finish, I shoot for a time under 1:30. To get a shot at 50% of the pot, just follow this link and guess how many runners I will pass. Each guess is $10, but you can buy as many entries as you’d like. If there are multiple winners, the 50% take will be split up evenly among them. Last years winner actually stopped by the booth literally minutes before the start to place their guess. As a bonus, if I place overall and win a huge bottle of wine, I will also give that to the winner.

July 12th is the event date, so I have plenty of time to get my hill work in. You can follow some of my training and talk to me on the Facebook event page if you are interested. I have experience moderate success at this race, and really enjoy being able to do something for the community. I personally know the people behind the See Ya Later Foundation and am proud of what they do for the area. It is amazing to be a part of something bigger than myself or my family, to know that I contribute to the community. I owe thanks to Bob and Carmen of the See Ya Later Foundation, Chris from Fueled by Fine Wine, my wife Ximena, and all of you that donate. Thanks, looking forward to Chasing Champions.

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