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Race Preview: 2015 Badger Mountain Challenge

As a guy that races close to thirty times a year, my closet is a bit crowded with tech shirts of all colors. So it was funny to go the website for this race, see the logo, and want to enter just for the shirt. Of course, there is definitely more to the event than an awesome logo. This happens to be a 15k/50k/50mi/100mi trail running event in southeast Washington. Hosted by The Nomad Trail Runners of Eastern Washington on March 27th and 28th at Badger Mountain Preserve.

All races need volunteers to staff the event and they offer perks of a tech shirt and a future entry for a BMC 15k race. It is possible to sign up through the website, and they will be handing out the necessary goods at a meeting on the Thursday before the race.

The 15k is advertised as runner and hiker friendly, and runs on Saturday the 28th at 8 am. Registration is already open, but after March 6th is considered ‘late’ and it closes on the 21st. The race is $25, which is a steal, or $43 to get a tech shirt as well. After the 6th, it is an additional $5. The course looks like a lollipop, with a longer section in the beginning on the road, to allow participants to safely spread out before the narrow trails. It will include two aid stations to fuel up if necessary. There will be awards handed out to the top 3 finishers of each gender.

The 50k is also on Saturday, but at 7. There is an early start option at 6, and those that wish to use it are encouraged to contact the race director ASAP. Fees are $55 for the race only, $73 to add the shirt. Participants will also receive a finishers medal. The course is advertised to be a tough one, with varied terrain and about 6000′ of elevation gain. Definitely not for the weak of heart, or legs. The course is an out and back, passing 4 aid stations.

The 50 miler is on Friday, starting at 7, or an hour before for the early start. There is also a perk to this event, as it includes a pre race dinner on Thursday evening. Race fee is $75, add $18 for the shirt. After the 6th it is an additional $10 to sign up. It is noted that less than 8 miles of the race course is on pavement, and it goes through about 14000′ of elevation change. I actually had to go back to the site and make sure I had put in the right number of zeroes. It sounds very challenging but fun, in a masochistic kind of way. All participants will receive a medal for completing this distance. There is a cutoff time, 3 pm on Saturday.

For those who really want to feel the pain, the 100 miler also starts at 7 on Friday. Participants are invited to the pre race dinner on Thursday. They also get a post race meal, and a commemorative belt buckle for finishing. This distance is $135, shirt included. The course consists of two 50 mile loops, over some challenging terrain. There are aid stations every 3-7 miles, which will come in handy when enduring 28000′ of elevation change. Ouch. The cut off is on 3 pm Saturday, and the site is very direct about warning readers to make sure they are up to the challenge. They even give a special belt buckle to those who finish within 24 hours.

From the pictures and description, Badger Mountain sounds like a beautiful place to run. Personally, at this point I could only do the 15K, though the longer races sound like something to approach in the future. The challenge and accomplishment associated with an event of that magnitude is not easily matched. There is not much time until race weekend, March 27th and 28th will come fast. The price is great, especially if you can register before the cutoff. If you are interested, definitely peruse the official event website, for any details not included here.

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