ADAPTventure Urban Race scheduled for August 2 in downtown PDX

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If you’re an avid Run Oregon reader you know we are obsessed with First Thursday (which is two weeks from today, by the way). Well, here’s a First-Thursday-style-run that is sure to be a blast!

ADAPT Training, my gym, has a program dedicated to athletes with spinal cord injuries called ADAPT Advanced. They’re all about making fitness work for you – whether you’re recovering from a severe accident, training for American Ninja Warrior, or just trying to get stronger. The ADAPTventure Run is a fund raiser for ADAPT Advanced. Best of all, it’s only $10 per person so you can play without dipping into your vacation fund.

If you’re up for a real challenge, you can bring a few extra bucks and try the ADAPT Challenges for $2. These will be various exercises and fitness challenges that are typically going to be harder than they look.

Here are the details:

When: Saturday August 2, 2014

What time: The run starts at 9a, so be there between 8:30-8:45

Where: Meet in front of Riverplace Hotel at 1510 SW Harbor Way in Portland

Register: At the event – please bring cash!

ADAPT interns Erica and Ashley are the masterminds behind this fun event. If you check out the event facebook page, you can get a few tips on where checkpoints might be. Based on the information there, it’s clear that you could participate in this event as a walker or a runner. It’s also clear that they are serious about mystery prizes and food after the run! Please do keep in mind that just like First Thursday, participants need to observe all traffic and pedestrian safety laws. (That’s the mom in me, feeling the need to remind you. While I’m here I might as well remind you to wear sunscreen, too.)

Print out this PDF about the ADAPTventure Run and post it by your desk to get all your co-workers and friends interested!

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