Product Review: Momentum Jewelry (Inspiring Pieces for Runners)

Momentum Jewelry Motivate Wrap

Momentum Jewelry Motivate Wrap

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With running becoming such a popular sport, it stands to reason that more running related products are going to surface. As a self-proclaimed ‘girly’ runner and wanting to look good while running, I love bling. I was excited when Momentum Jewelry reached out to us and asked us to review their product. Inspiring, comfortable, sleek, and I can wear while running? I had to check it out!

There are several inspirational options to choose to include ‘Foot Notes’ for your shoes, wraps for your wrist (or ankle?), cuffs, necklaces, and more. I received a Foot Note and an Arm Wrap. The website says:

Momentum offers hand-crafted, workout-friendly jewelry for fitness-focused individuals. Featuring our innovative MOTIVATE WRAP™ bracelet (patent pending).  Throw us your most active move – the MOTIVATE WRAP™ will not rub, squeeze, slip or chafe. Designed by workout enthusiasts (US!), it is so comfortable you will even forget to take it off. Grab one with your favorite motivational saying and you won’t want to!

Momentum Jewelry Foot Note

Momentum Jewelry Foot Note

I will say that the wrap was super soft and comfy, and did not chafe, which I worried about. It looked stylish, and I loved my inspiring phrase of ‘inspire and empower’ when I looked at my arm. My husband looked at it and said, “What’s the big deal? I don’t get it.” I gasped! He didn’t get it?! Well, he doesn’t always get my makeup and jewelry either. Oh well 🙂

As for the Foot Note, I was lazy and did not take off the shoelaces, and it still did awesome! I need to put it on my real shoelaces to ensure I don’t lose it!


  • Super soft and comfy
  • Can customize your saying (within reason/space)
  • Each is slightly unique and different
  • Reasonably priced (Only $10 for Foot Notes & $20 for wrap)
  • Lightweight
  • Exercise friendly
  • Nice packaging
  • Great customer service
  • How-to videos provided


  • Says “will not tarnish” but also goes on to say it is, “tarnish resistant”  and “the best way to care for your jewelry is to use a polishing cloth to gently rub any tarnish away”.  I did not have long enough to test this out, but I wonder if this may/will be an issue
  • Not recommended to get wet or wear perfume or moisturizer as this could break down the jewelry

UPDATE from Momentum Jewelry:  Just to clarify – both of these are stamped on our lightweight, NON-TARNISHING aluminum pendants. You can sweat on them, have them out in the rain, spray your perfume, etc. and they won’t change color! We choose this material because of it’s no-maintenance qualities. We only include the polishing cloth with our Sterling Silver necklaces and our copper pieces – those metals do tarnish over time.

  • Limited colors; black, olive, eggplant, cardinal red, teal, or hot pink fabric
  • Some husbands/partners may not ‘get it’

I really liked their items, including their Race Ingot necklace ($25) and plan on ordering one of those and customizing it with the PRs from my 5k,10k, HM, and Marathon times. I also liked headbands ($12!) Their prices seem reasonable, and I know their items are comfy and the customer service is great. Check out their Facebook Page or Website for more photos and information! If you see something you like, use code GGS158 for 15% off your entire purchase and good until July 15, 2014.