Zensah Compression Arm Sleeve Product Review

Check out the features on the packaging!

Check out the features on the packaging!

When presented with the opportunity to do a product review of compression arm sleeves I did not hesitate for a moment.  For one thing, I’ve been wanting to try out compression sleeves, and for another thing I got to pick the color: PINK! (of course)

They came in the mail quickly and I literally ripped open the packaging, only to be VERY happy and impressed with the whole product.  For one thing, right on the top of the package it says “Made in USA.”  Already I’m in love.

Then I got to feel the fabric.  Buttery soft to the touch. Having had limited exposure to compression gear, aside from those ugly socks they gave me after my bilateral mastectomy, I didn’t know what to expect for a performance compression product.

Buttery. Soft.  The packing also sings the following phrases: ultimate comfort (check!), sun protection (I live in Oregon, I’m taking their word on it for now), thermal regulating (check!), targeted muscle support (I have teeny tiny arms so I can’t speak directly to this, but my arms felt supported), and faster recovery (check! Wore them lifting weights!).

The fabric is also “moisture wicking” and “antimicrobial” and I can attest to both of these features that they are accurate.  I sweat like a liar in church and these sleeves worked well at keeping the moisture to a minimum while I sweated out five on the dread mill.  And they don’t smell, and I haven’t washed them.  Thank you antimicrobial. (I will be washing them after this, just so you know).

They are also seamless.  And they really are, so they don’t leave annoying weird marks on your body.  AND they do keep your arms at the perfect temperature!  And, another bonus, their sizing is spot on.  I have a size small, and my arms are very tiny (think noodles) so I can verify that if I had a regular amount of meat on my bones, these would be a perfect fit.

This is a better more true to color photo.  Can you see how soft they are by looking?

This is a better more true to color photo. Can you see how soft they are by looking?

You can purchase Zensah products locally at REI, Northwest Foot & Ankle, Universal Cycle and  Wyvern Running in Lake Oswego.  You can also buy them online all over the place, and they have several  other products too.

In short, I love these sleeves (and I love the variety of color choices), I love that they are made in the USA and I love that I get to keep them.

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