Gear Review: Fitsok ISW Wool Running Socks


I distinctly remember the day that I tried my first pair of “running socks”. I had held steadfast to the belief that I could accomplish as much running in ratty old white cotton socks, as I could in a specially designed sock. I mean, after all, it is just a sock right?! My skeptical mind was blown away, that for the first time in forever, my feet (specifally my arches) were not sore following a run. I became a convert right then and there.Call me a stocking-nerd, but I am always on the lookout for the latest brand that I can try out. Enter Fitsok. I am familiar with the Fitsok name, but have actually never tried one of their pairs before. They currently have 5 different products and are adding a 6th come February 1. That’s where I come in.

The new Fitsok ISW wool running sock. - Photo by Matt Rasmussen

The new Fitsok ISW wool running sock.
– Photo by Matt Rasmussen

I was delivered a pair of the yet to be released, Fitsok ISW Wool Running Socks. This new sock will be made of Isowool – a 50/50 split between polypropylene and merino wool. Nylon is then added to keep the sock snug and tight in the right places. There is also a techincal description of Fitsok’s FLOWTEK channels. Basically this means that the sock will be able to transfer moisture (stinky feet, amiright?!) and keep your feet temperature the same regardless of if you are running the trails on a chilly 38 degree morning or pounding the pavement on a 85 degree summer afternoon.   There is also Fitsok’s MAX Arch Support, and a newly engineered heel DESCRIPTION. The ISW will come in two sizes – one for the no-show crowd and another for trail-runners or those who prefer an above the ankle, 3/4 cut.

I, weirdly enough, tend to graze my inside ankles with the opposite foot while running at times. This is why I typically prefer a higher cut sock even when road running. But this higher fit would also lend itself well to keeping trail runners free of cuts and scratches while traversing through brush and dirt.

My review: I have worn these socks multiple times over the past two weeks and I really like the way they feel. The material is extremely soft, but I did not feel overcushioned and like they slid in my shoes. I (luckily) don’t get very sweaty feet, so I did really notice if their was a difference in the moisture wicking capabilities. Additionally, I was happy that my arch felt supported, yet at the same time was not a noticeable change. I have found that in some socks with arch support, I run and can’t stop thinking about the feel. I had no such preoccupation with this ISW pair – which is fantastic. Overall, this has achieved my trifecta of a good running sock: comfort, functionality, and the ability to run in an incoutiant state (I could really care less about the look- they are socks after all). The ISW’s were stylish enough, but really had no bearing on my decision to like it or not.

MSRP: 3-pack for $25; Colors will be black and green

The sock will be available on February 1, 2014, but we have a pair to giveaway to a lucky reader! All you have to do is sign up for our newly-revamped newsletter for your shot to win! The newsletter will have access to race discounts, perks, and contests that will otherwise not be found on the website!  Register for the newsletter here!

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