Send us your Race Info

The best race previews are based on good information from the race directors. Tell us the details and what makes your race unique, fun, and valuable to your community so we can spread the news. We want to level the playing field so people can find the right race for them.

As all of our bloggers are volunteers, we highly value the donation of comp entries so that we can share more local race experiences with our readers. If you provide a comp entry and one of our bloggers uses it, we will preview and recap the event. While our bloggers would love it if extras (i.e. shirts, for example) are included, theses are not a requirement nor an expectation.

We focus on the positive in our reviews, knowing that not every race is for every runner, with the aim of providing information that will help other runners select the right local events for them. We find that race previews and recaps come in handy in search engines as runners are seeking out information in subsequent years.

We also offer the opportunity for you to provide a promotional code for discount or give away an entry to our readers.

Would you like to provide a comp entry for one of our bloggers to use?(required)

If a Run Oregon blogger is unable to utilize the comp entry, would you be open to us doing a giveaway / contest for our readers?(required)

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