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Run Oregon Community Bloggers

Run Oregon “runs” on community bloggers.

Our community bloggers volunteer their time and running experience to share news and information with other runners. Therefore, we love them!

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Our admins:

Kelly Barten created the Run Oregon blog in February 2006. She lives in Beaverton, Ore. with her husband and daughter. Her “real job” is doing marketing for an education company. Kelly has put on two events of her own – the Hagg Hybrid Marathon and Half Marathon and the 2015 Joe Dudman 5k. Kelly also serves on the Oregon Road Runners Club board.

Matt Rasmussen lives in Keizer, Ore. with his wife and two daughters. He enjoys watching the Olympics, sampling craft beers, and all things Canada (he was born there). Matt was raised as a baseball player and officially transitioned over to running in 2010. Matt joined the Run Oregon team in October 2011, and since then he has spearheaded the blog’s efforts to cover product reviews, news about businesses related to running, and running events in the Willamette Valley.

Our regular bloggers:

Brian Bernier – Brian resides in McMinnville and has been a competitive runner since the age of 13. He completed one marathon at the youthful age of 18, but prefers scenic 5 and 10K distances, the faster the better. (Admin note- If you can keep up with Brian you are doing one heck of a job!). He qualified for and ran in the Boston Marathon in 2016.

Joe Dudman – Joe is a Portland native who has been running and racing off and on since he was 15, and has contributed to the RunOregon Blog since 2007. He has run eight marathons, but prefers shorter, faster races, and has run an incalculable number of 5Ks, his favorite distance. He especially likes to write about his personal running experiences and share his insights on racing, in the hopes that readers will be inspired, amused, or recognize something about themselves in his posts.

Meg DuMez – Meg joined a gym in February 2010, after a “Come to Jesus” moment with the scale in the middle of the night.  With some friends encouragement, she participated in her first 5K that summer (Starlight Run), first 10K that fall (Race for the Cure), and first half marathon a year later (Helvetia Half).  Once Meg completed her first Portland Marathon, she was hooked.  Meg runs several days a week with friends, or with podcasts and soundtracks, and loves the challenge of lining up at a starting line.  When she is not running, Meg works in higher education and writes about running, social justice, theology, and random stories that keep her up at night (

Geli Heidelberger – Geli became a regular runner after moving to Oregon in 2007. She has run many 5k’s, a handful of half marathons, and most every distance in between, but her favorite distance is the 10k. She enjoys scenic routes, and is happy to sacrifice time in favor of enjoying the experience.

Abby Meek – Abby was raised in Tigard, Oregon and moved to Denver, Colorado in 2007. While in Colorado she ran her first 5K, which led to a 10K, which led to a half-marathon. Abby moved back to her native Oregon in mid- 2015 and has since completed more 5K’s, 10K’s and another half-marathon. Abby feels that any distance she completes is an accomplishment and hopes to impart that feeling to others, while running more 5K’s, 10K’s and half-marathons.

Rachel Peters – Rachel began running competitively her freshman year of high school (2001) and continued to do so up until her sophomore year of college (2006) at Western Oregon University. After taking a very long hiatus from running, she decided to give it another go and rediscovered her passion for it. Rachel has since competed in races ranging from 5k’s to marathons, with her favorite distance being the half marathon. In her free time she enjoys random, and sometimes goofy adventures with her 9 year old son. She is also an avid hiker and live music enthusiast. To see some of her random adventures, feel free to follow her Instagram account: Rachel.m.peters

Drew Roberts – Drew got his first taste of running in high school because his club soccer coach made him do it. Drew hated it. Swearing to never run again and just stick to soccer, he turned down 3 straight invites to run Hood to Coast with some Portland friends. Finally, at the end of 2010, Drew succumbed to the incessant badgering of his so called friends and caved. He agreed to run H2C in 2011 and the training began…. it turns out that Drew REALLY LIKES TO RUN. Drew lives, runs and writes from his home in Central Oregon and has discovered that ultra marathon trail runs are where it’s at. Besides his addiction to running, Drew is happily married, has 2 great kids and loves to write. Discover more of Drew’s writing at You can also follow him on Twitter by searching @drewsoped, through Facebook with the Redmond Oregon Running Klub or on nearly any trail throughout Central Oregon.

Mary Sweigert – Recovering Hood to Coaster and Jill of many digital trades, Mary wordsmiths by day at a Portland agency while nurturing a can’t stop / won’t stop writing problem. Running is the other habit she can’t quit, so between perfecting her puddle jumping technique on Portland trails, sometimes training for the Portland Marathon, and blogging for us here, she also blogs about her personal running and training experiences. She prefers her puns like her cappuccinos – dry, is probably hungry, and has nearly memorized Cool Hand Luke. Off trail, she’s been known to spontaneously refinish furniture (proper tools optional) or clumsily attempt various board sports. Stuff periodically happens to her on Facebook, and every once in a while she’ll remember that twitter is a thing and maybe, sometimes tweet things she wishes were witty @swaglet.

Marilyn Tycer – Marilyn was born and raised in the PNW. A former Duke fencer, Marilyn started taking running seriously in 2009 after she finished a half marathon and found that they had run out of Jamba Juice. At that moment, Marilyn swore never to be that slow again!  She has run every distance between a 5k and a full marathon, and loves to talk about running, especially races! Her other hobbies include beer tasting and makeup. She writes on her own blog, Lipgloss+Spandex and for We Heart This, as well as being the official blogger for Energy Events.

Annette Vaughan – Annette is a runner, owns her own personal training studio, and is involved with directing the Get A Clue Scavenger Run and Canby Dahlia Run. She began running at the age of 30 and became hooked after her first race (even though she is a self-proclaimed slow runner.) She enjoys small local races from 5Ks to half-marathons, with a 30K on the books as her longest run ever. She believes in the mantra that our bodies were designed to move and the more we move, the better we feel.

Teresa Wymetalak – Teresa is a group exercise instructor and personal trainer who loves to swim, bike, and run half marathons, marathons, and triathlons. With three boys in tow, she watches a lot of soccer and hopes to teach the family dog, Autzen, proper running etiquette. When she’s not running, Teresa loves to hike, experiment with healthy recipes, and find warmer climates.

Tung Yin – Tung is a law professor at Lewis & Clark Law School by day, and runner much of the rest of the time. He got off the couch in January 2011 and has been obsessed with running ever since. Sometimes he manages to combine running with his other obsession (TV) by streaming videos while on the treadmill.

Robin York – Robin grew up as a couch potato and did everything she could to get out of exercise, until one day a good friend would not stop talking about this fun 5k race she was doing. Finally Robin got off the couch and trained for this “fun” race using C25K (couch to 5k program). After crossing that first finish line, she kept going and became a “runner”. After losing 80 lbs, gaining health, a love of being active and setting a healthy example for her husband and kids, she thinks she’ll stick with this whole “running thing”.

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