Run Views at the Mt. Tabor Tar N Trail 5k/10k

Along with Forest Park and the many waterfront trails, Portland has an almost embarrassing assortment of choice running terrain, and no list of those would be complete without mention of the trails looping around the east side’s urban trail jewel, Mt. Tabor.  Check it off your Portland running bucket list with the Mt. Tabor Park Tar n Trail 5k/10k.

With Mt. Tabor Park a hill training gold mine, expect the Tar n Trail to not only get you muddy from the trail bits, also count on plenty of incline to keep things interesting. Both 5k and 10k courses will utilize trail and paved portions of the park, and markers and volunteers will help participants follow the existing color-coded loops through the race.

If you are keeping score, the red trail is a 1-mile counter-clockwise loop, the green trail is a 1.7 mile loop running clockwise, and the blue trail is a 3 mile loop that also runs counter-clockwise. The blue trail makes up the 5k course and all three trails will be used for the 10k.  Flag markings will match up to the trail markings, so green trail will use green flags, etc. The red trail race will go first, followed by the green group, and finally the blue. Both the 5k and 10k are considered challenging routes.

All the proceeds from this race go to benefit the Friends of Mt. Tabor Park, a non-profit dedicated to keeping Mt. Tabor a place Portland loves to run, and hopefully will for years to come.

2023 Mt Tabor Tar N Trail 5k/10k $15-$25


  • When: Sunday, October 29th, 2023 at 9:00AM
  • Where: Mt. Tabor City Park
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