Portland Gear’s Scenic Collection: Taking Oregon to New Heights

If you’ve got the scoop on me, you’ll know I’m pretty much glued to a hat. Seriously, I rock them everywhere, even at work—my hat game is so strong that folks have started calling me “Matt in the Hat.” Can’t help it, my hat collection keeps expanding, covering both my running and chill sessions. So, when I laid eyes on Portland Gear’s fresh batch of hats in their scenic collection, let’s just say, obsession was an understatement.

The Company:

Portland Gear, a vibrant and homegrown brand, has captured the essence of the Pacific Northwest’s culture and spirit. Even if you aren’t familiar with the company, chances are you have seen the distinctive “P” logo – the outline of the state within the P itself. Portland Gear embraces the city’s unique lifestyle, blending urban charm with outdoor adventure.

Situated in the heart of the city near Providence Park, they really reflect the city’s creative energy and sense of community. Portland Gear has quickly become a symbol of local pride, producing a range of apparel and accessories that resonate with residents and visitors alike.

For Oregon runners, Portland Gear offers more than just clothing; it provides a connection to the region’s running community. The company’s commitment to quality and style extends to their running gear, ensuring comfort and functionality while showcasing the iconic Portland aesthetic.

Wearing Portland Gear on the trails or streets embodies a shared passion for both running and the city, making it a cool local option that seamlessly merges performance with local identity. That “P” speaks volumes.

The Collection:

The new Scenic Route collection takes the iconic logo to new heights. While there are shirts and sweatshirts, I really am all about the hats.

Every trail runner in Oregon has their own go-to routes. The Eugene crew raves about the Ridgeline Trail system, while Salem runners swear by the routes in Silver Falls State Park. Portlanders? Well, they’ll chant “Forest Park” any day of the week. Out in the Gorge, Dog Mountain packs a bite, while down South the Roxy Anne Peak area and Britt Woods are goldmines. Those in Central Oregon can hit up the Phil’s Trail System in the high desert.

But when you tap into the wisdom of a true Oregonian trail enthusiast and ask for where the ultimate “Oregon” trail running experiences are, it usually comes down to a dynamic duo: running trails near Mount Hood and hitting the dirt at Smith Rock. Both spots are jaw-dropping, and each offers a completely different flavor of experience.

The Hats:

They embody these two picturesque landscapes that Oregon runners often traverse. If you haven’t you need to! They both incorporate nature-inspired colors and intricate detailing – with the Mt. Hood version coming in green and Smith Rock in a rocky brown. The “P” remains but is – for once – second fiddle in a design that features a 360-degree panorama of trees, coupled with the adornment of the landscape on the left side. I’m literally obsessed.

Hats off (pun intended) to Portland Gear for giving a nod to both of these gems in their Scenic Route Collection. It’s a tribute to the trail runner’s soul to see these two locations featured on their hats (and tops). It’s like wearing a piece of Oregon’s heart and soul on your sleeve – well, head and chest actually.

Whether you’re feeling the mountain vibes near Mount Hood or the rugged allure of Smith Rock, these threads let you carry a piece of those trails with you, even when you’re taking on your own local turf. No matter where you’re out pounding the trails, you’ve got a slice of awesome Oregon scenery right with you.

The Verdict:

These hats (and other items from the collection) aren’t strictly for running, but honestly, they could totally rock it as running gear. Or, you know, just as everyday coolness. The point is, any Oregon runner worth their salt should be stoked to flaunt this gear. It’s like a high-five to our state’s stunning trails, and you get to wear it right there thanks to a local Portland company.

Portland Gear - Scenic Route Collection $42


  • 15% wool / 85% acrylic
  • Panoramic embroidery
  • Standard crown size
  • Puff embroidery “P” logo
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Free Exchanges & Returns
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