The new Roark Baja Shorts are looking Baja-utiful!

First things first, Roark has done it again with the running shorts. It’s that simple. We have been trying out ROark gear for the past few years and have tried out pretty much all their different shorts. They always provide stunning and unique visuals – the kind of gear that’ll make you want to hit the miles just to show it off. The Baja Shorts are a brand new release, and we love them.

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Visuals? Check. These bad boys are like a tropical vacation for your legs. They come in black and green, with the latter featuring a trio of happy little running buddies on the leg. It’s not as much fancy as Roark is known to provide but the visual punch is still rea. If you’re tired of plain ol’ boring shorts, these are your ticket to spicing up your running game.

Fit-wise, these shorts have that sweet spot nailed down. Tailored enough to not look like you’re swimming in them, yet roomy and flexible enough to let your legs stretch and do their thing. The elastic waistband is a lifesaver, giving you the flexibility to enjoy that post-run burrito without feeling like you’re in a vice grip.

Despite their lightweight construction, they function (and sort of look) like the Hulk of the running gear world, tough yet surprisingly agile. The fabric feels sturdy, ready to take on whatever adventure you throw its way. It’s the kind of quality that assures you these shorts won’t bail on you after just a couple of runs. Maybe thsat’s why they call it the “Workhorse” of run shorts.

They come with an anti-microbial lined brief and the 5″ inseam – coupled with the angled side splits – provide comfort and breathability – and the DWR water-repellant capabilities should allow these to tackle sweat and light rain that we get up here.

There is a simple small pocket for a key on the back right hip and a zippered pocket at the middle back. This one provides a bit extra room for energy gel and other small storage needs. The shorts are designed to be minimal and primed for everyday runs – meaning storage is limited by design.

So, to sum it up, Roark’s Baja Shorts are more than just a new piece of running bottoms from Roark. They are also a fun style statement, a comfort guarantee, and a ticket to making your runs a bit more exciting. They make me, and my three little circular buddies smile!

Roark Baja Shorts $66


  • Baja Shorts
    • 89% Polyester, 11% Elastane

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