The all new Allbirds Tree Flyer 2 – Launching TODAY!

Just over a year ago, we reviewed the first iteration of the Allbirds Tree Flyer. It was a solid shoe that got some good miles in them. While not perfect, it was a HUGE upgrade in the running shoe game for Allbirds.

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Today (June 21st) is the release of the second iteration – the Allbirds Tree Flyer 2.


We really liked the cool and unique visuals in the initial Tree Flyer. It wasn’t too wacky, but the angled midsole was eye catching. Those looks return in the Tree Flyer 2 – and we are here for it.


The Allbirds Tree Flyer 2 is a running shoe that excels in both performance and sustainability – the latter of which sort of sets them apart from most running companies.

  • The flexible and breathable knit upper is made with TENCEL Lyocell, derived from eucalyptus tree fiber, which not only feels great on the feet but also contributes to a more secure fit.
  • The lining features ZQ-certified Merino wool.
  • The SwiftFoam midsole is made with bio-PEBAX sourced from castor beans. Unlike traditional midsoles made from fossil oil and gas, this bio-PEBAX midsole provides the same lightweight, soft, and springy feel while being more environmentally friendly.
  • The midsole is also produced using a supercritical foaming process that requires no chemical additives, making it a more sustainable choice. Waste from the midsole-making process is recycled and molded into the shoe’s external heel counter.
  • It possesses a carbon footprint of 7.21 kg CO2e (which Allbirds offsets to zero) – which is ~ 2.71 kg CO2e less than the initial Tree FLyer and barely half of a standard sneaker’s carbon footprint.

There are some obvious upgrades to the version 2.

In addition to the upper being sustainable, the Tree Flyer 2 is further reinforced for added support this go around. And support it provides. It actually took us a bit of wearing for the upper to break in, as it felt pretty snug on initial wear. It’s nothing excessive – and if you prefer a wrap and hug on your uppers – the Tree Flyer 2 is here for you. There’s also a new heel tab at the back.

I do think that this is a significant upgrade in the Tree Flyer 2. My first few runs in the V1 were done in a muggy island environment. While they were mostly comfortable, they definitely ended up lacking stability and I felt my feet were a little all over the place as the runcation went on. Allbirds upgraded this and the new overlays on the toe and midfoot provide more stability from side-to-side for lateral security. To me, this is a huge upgrade.

The midsole has minimal updates to it – and that’s not a bad thing. It continues to be cushioned and Allbirds estimates it has an estimated 70% rebound rate to push runners through each stride. Even though it’s made from Castor beans, it feels no less well-made than the oil-based midsoles out there.

On the outsole, there is an updated natural rubber compound and lug pattern, strategically designed perpendicular to the tread direction. This innovative lug design acts like teeth on the road, offering improved traction, particularly on wet surfaces.


Given our historical review of this shoe company, the Allbirds Tree Flyer 2 provides a significant positive upgrade to its predecessor. Modifications have been made that really seem to be made with feedback from runners about what was a drawback before.

These are both functional and comfortable (we say give the upper time to flex a little) and one of the most environmentally-conscious running shoe we have reviewed to date. It might not end up being our go-to racing shoe, but we are finding ourselves reaching for these as a lighter everyday trainer. We aren’t disappointed and we think you will enjoy this as well.

With its commitment to reducing environmental impact and incorporating natural materials, Allbirds has successfully created a shoe that not only benefits the planet but also enhances the well-being of the runner. Whether you’re a frequent runner or just starting out, the Tree Flyer 2 offers a winning combination of comfort, performance, and sustainability.


Allbirds Tree Flyer 2 $160

Specs and Socials:

  • Released: July 21, 2023
  • Weight:
    • 10.6oz. – Men’s 9
    • 8.3oz. – Women’s 7
  • Offset: 8.5mm
  • Colors: Blizzard; Natural Black; Bloom Coral


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