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My favorite shoe of the first quarter of 2023 was an unexpected one – the 361° Centauri (review here). I still wear this shoe with great frequency – and it was my first experience with this shoe company. It’s super comfortable and supportive and just checks all the boxes of what a daily trainer should be.

So, when I heard that the new 361 Futura (releasing 7/1/23) was the trail version of the Centauri – I immediately was intrigued. And I can tell you, this doesn’t disappoint.

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The visuals of our tested pair of the Futura are quite nice. It’s a relatively simple color structure – a navy with quite a bit of neon yellow trim – but there are some clever design choices that give it a little extra pop. Even with a fair amount of neon, it’s not obnoxiously bright and looks “normal” – whatever that means. It’s probably not going to be the most visually stunning shoe out there – but it still looks quite nice.

And it may be the most “road shoe”-looking trail shoe we have tried in a while. I almost did a double take that I was sent the wrong pair because it overall looks comparable to the 361 Centauri and other shoes of that nature.

Fit & Construction:

Much like the Centauri, this shoe fit on point for us. The sizing was true and the wider toe box (though not too wide) offers plenty of room for movement. I have actually recommended 361 to many a wide-footed runner looking for options that aren’t the standard wide-boys (i.e. Topo and Altra). Honestly, the fit and comfort of shoes from 361 this year have really been one of the most pleasant (and unexpected) options of the year.


The upper is made from a recycled breathable knit fabric (and 40% recycled yarn). This is solid for sustainability, but overall it is sort of a surprising choice for a trail shoe. The upper is soft and not rigid at all – which is a new feeling when it comes to trail shoes. There aren’t the plethora of overlays across the top that many trail shoes have in them.

It’s just a really comfortable upper.  The foot is held nicely through the midfoot, and the lockdown seems fine unless you are looking for the snuggest of fits. While its solid for breathability, knit uppers and Oregon trails may not mix well in all scenarios.

Honestly, we love the fit as a moderate trail runner. Many Oregon trails can be demanding and technical, and put a lot of pressure on the trail shoes to match the terrain. A knit upper (solid and comfortable as it may be) is likely gonna be hard pressed to survive intense conditions that Oregon trails can come in. That makes us feel that the Futura’s are designed for less technical trails – of which there are still PLENTY of options in the PNW. I am not a hardcore trail runner, so putting in 5-13 miles in low to moderately challenging trails seems to be a sweet spot.

Long story short, if you are looking for crushing vert and putting in triple digit miles per month on the trails, these may not be for you. If you are like the other 99% of us, these are more than able to tackle what you throw at it.

There is also a lot of cushion on the heel (which leads to a heavier option) and it helps keep things locked in place. The tongue is gusseted and has some minimal padding. It has held in place without issue.


If you haven’t read our review of the 361 Centauri, that is a great place to start. This remains our go-to running shoe this year for when we want to pull on something that is reliably comfortable, and get in some miles.

We say to read that post because of how much we love the midsole in the Centauri. Luckily for us, the Futura has the same full TPE midsole. Honestly, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. We can’t say enough about the midsole in both these shoes, so we will just leave it at the fact that we love it. Much like the Centauri has been for the road, the Futura has been for the trail – a reliable, comfortable, everyday shoe that just handles most terrain just fine – and keeps the feet happy along the way.

The stack is relatively high 38/33mm- and higher than the Centauri, but doesn’t feel unstable.


The Vibram Megagrip is big and covers the length of the outsole. The lugs loom pretty large and the grip holds up in most conditions. It bites well in dirt and can even surprisingly cross over to short periods of pavement without much issue.

We have been testing this in summer runs, so we have only encountered dry trails. The lugs seems pretty close together, so it remains to be seen how they handly more sloppy conditions.


Once again, we are very impressed with new 361 shoes this year. This is a very admirable everyday trail shoe – a little heavy – but super comfortable and easy to enjoy. It doesn’t feel as heavy as it is – which is a good thing. As someone who doesn’t always feel comfortable on the trails – these have made the experience pleasurable. And at an estimated release price at $150, this is close to being a steal of a shoe.

361 Futura $150


  • Weight: 11 oz (M9)
  • Stack: 33mm/28mm
  • Drop: 5mm



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Thank you to 361° for providing us with test shoes. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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