Hey Hey! The Hagg Lake Triathlon & Trail Festival is Here

Nestled amongst rolling, picturesque hills in Gaston, Oregon, the 2023 Hagg Lake Triathlon and Trail Festival draws athletes from all over the region. With both Olympic and Sprint distance courses available, as well as Duathlon and AquaBike races, seasoned athletes and novices alike can find a home at this event.

The Hagg Lake course is known for its beauty and tradition. The Hagg Lake Triathlon is one of the oldest and longest-running triathlon events in the country! The beautiful scenery, the rolling hills and the rich history of the area has been drawing athletes from all over the country for 42 years.

This year, Hagg Lake camping at the park is back! Racing, camping, and warm Oregon summer evenings – what could be better?! This is a great opportunity to camp onsite Friday and Saturday night!

Course Descriptions/Details:

The Hagg Lake Olympic Triathlon involves swimming 2 counter clockwise laps (in mid-70-degree temperature water) totaling 1500 meters, cycling two counter clockwise laps of the lake (with rolling hills to keep it interesting) totaling 40K and running a 10K out-and-back course to make sure you break a sweat.

The Olympic Duathlon will complete the same 2 loops (totaling 40K) on the bike, sandwiched between a 5K out-and-back run and the same 10K course as the triathletes.  Similarly, the Olympic AquaBike course consists of the same swim and bike course as the Olympic Tri.

The Sprint Triathlon course provides an invigorating, single loop, 1.2 mile swim, a single 20K loop on the bike (including an out-and-back on Scoggins Valley Rd) and a 5K out-and-back run.  The Sprint Duathlon racers will run twin 5Ks, separated by the same 20K bike loop as the Sprint Triathletes.  The AquaBike course is the same swim and bike course as the Sprint Tri.

If you aren’t into multi-sport events, there is also a a 5k Trail Run and a Half Marathon Trail Run.

Hagg Lake Triathlon & Trail Festival


  • When: Saturday July 15th and Sunday July 16th, 2023. Waves begin at 8a
  • Where: Henry Hagg Lake State Park
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