Racing the Cape at the Cape Mountain Races in Florence

The Oregon Coast is broken up in a few notable sections. There’s the north coast, with its massive beaches, tourist trap towns, and flatter landscape. There’s the south coast, with its forested and secluded approaches, small towns and expensive golf. And then there’s the central coast, with some of the most rugged coastline along the Pacific Ocean.

One of those rugged areas is just north of Florence, within the Siuslaw (sigh-yew-slaw) National Forest. The coast climbs to over 1,500 feet above sea level, with the ability to see the coast for miles. It is here that Daybreak Racing puts on the epic races that center on Cape Mountain. The trails are hidden gems of single track that are worth exploring…and racing.

This marks the 20th year of the Cape Mountain races, which feature 50K, 25K and 10K distances. Additionally, the Cape Mountain races are part of the Oregon Coast Trail Series. In addition, the Cape Mountain race benefit the cross country teams of Siuslaw High School in Florence.

The 25K course is a 15.6 mile loop that features 3,000 feet of gain. The 50K course runs this loop twice, while the 10K has its own loop with 1,100 feet of gain. All 3 races feature 90% single track and 10% double track trails and wind through lush, moss-laden, old-growth forest.

Cape Mountain



  • 50K and 10K take place on June 3, 2023
    • 50K starts at 8am.
    • 10K starts at 9am.
  • The 25K takes place on Sunday, June 4th


  • 50K = $125
  • 25K = $95
  • 10K = $6
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