Iconic and Stylish: Adidas Ultraboost Light

I recently got my hands on the Adidas Ultraboost Light, and I have to say, I’m pretty impressed with them. The Ultraboost name, and accompanying style, is iconic. I haven’t ran in many Adidas shoes, so was very interested to try them out as a daily trainer. See all our reviews on Adidas Here! Looks: Unsurprisingly, the Ultraboost Light is sleek and stylish, with a modern design that really catches the eye. I particularly love the black and white colorway, which goes with pretty much anything in my wardrobe. It’s sort of odd because they look more like a casual trainer than a pair of running shoes. That’s probably a bit of the aesthetic that Adidas is going for, but I know I actually had to go the website to make sure these were made … Continue reading Iconic and Stylish: Adidas Ultraboost Light