Shirt Deadline for Three Capes Relay: February 15th

One of my favorite relays is fast approaching: the Three Capes Relay is Saturday, February 25th. Running from Tillamook to Pacific City, this is a 26.2-mile relay with five legs that can be run solo or in a team of up to 5 people. If you are planning on running or walking this one (or want to pull together a team quick), be sure to sign up by Monday – February 10th is the deadline for getting a shirt included with your registration.

While a one-day relay is much easier (logistically, physically, and mentally), the Three Capes Relay has a challenging course with at least one “what did I sign up for” hill. It’s a hill that even the best hill runner walks on (for a few steps, anyway). But along with those climbs are speedy downhills, beautiful views, and a lineup of teams ranging from super-fast high school teams to walkers – and everyone is chill.

This relay is a fundraiser for Ultimook, a non-profit organization that supports youth running around Tillamook. Funds will support the Tillamook Distance Project (the high school’s XC and track programs), the Ultimook Running Camp (a running camp for youth on the Oregon Coast), and the Ultimook Track Club, a running club offering training and racing opportunities to youth.

Registration for marathoners (running the whole relay yourself) is $79, and the two-person team (each running a marathon or breaking it up however you want) is $129. If you have a team of 3-5 people, registration is $249.

The Tillamook Distance Project (high school cross country and track program), Ultimook Running Camp (youth running camp), and the Ultimook Track Club (region-wide youth running club).

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