Starting the New Year Together: Resolution Relay: B.Y.O.B. Bring Your Own Baton (Boring)

Everyone wants to start out the year on the right foot. And runners want to start on the right foot then the left foot then the right foot and so on until the finish line. Thanks to the Resolution Relay, you can get lots of right and left steps in and do it with some friends.

The 2023 Resolution Relay is also called the B.Y.O.B., as in Bring Your Own Baton. The half marathon distance can be broken up into teams of one, two, three, or four. Relay teams are to create and bring their own baton (yes there are prizes for costumes and cheering for amazing batons). The course all takes place along Springwater Trail between Boring and Gresham, so transportation and support is easy.

There will be water stations at the start, Palmblad exchange, and Main City Park. Participants are encouraged to carry other hydration and food supplies. The out-and-back course means participants pass support stations twice. And they know exactly where that Finish Line is.

Speaking of the finish line…hot coffee and breakfast burritos will be waiting at Boring Grange, along with vendors and bag check. It’ll be just a few more right and left steps into the new year.

Resolution Relay: B.Y.O.B. Bring Your Own Baton (Boring, OR)

  • When: Sunday, January 8 at 9am.
  • Where: Boring Grange (27861 SE Grange Street)
  • Register: Online
  • Packet Pick-Up: Race Day
  • Cost: $40-65 depending on number of participants on team.
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