Go ahead; Rain on my parade!: Women’s Ferrosi Hoodie (Outdoor Research)

To update the quote from the great Jane Austen: “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a runner in the Pacific Northwest, must be in want of a rain jacket.” And as a runner in the Pacific Northwest, I am always on the search.

So I was thrilled at the chance to try out Outdoor Research’s new Ferrosi Hoodie. It’s lightweight but still provides great coverage in the rain. My first time trying it out was for our first Portland rain this fall, and I’ve had several more downpours to use it since then. I love the length of the jacket, which well covers my bum, and the sleeves that can serve as temporary gloves while warming up. And the hood is the perfect shape to provide coverage without blocking my view.

“On snow, rock, trail and water, from spring through summer, fall, and winter – you’ll be a happy camper if you bring along your Ferrosi.”

Among my joys over this coat is how it stretches. Many of my other running jackets provide no give in the arms or over an extra layer for the cold. According to their website, all this stretch is part of an improved fabric and “reinforced Cordura® durability in key areas”.

And speaking about the fabric: the jacket is made from 46% recycled material. That means I get to be happy in the rain and the earth gets to be a little happier too.

And, since we are in the wet fall season, it is great that the jacket is quick-drying so you can use it for multiple runs or walk in a week. Now this runner is in want of someone shoes that will dry just as quick.

Outdoor Research

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Women’s Ferrosi Hoodie | $129
  • Colors: Black, Naval Blue, Moth/Elk
  • Made with 46% recycled materials

Thank you to Outdoor Research for providing us with a test coat. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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