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If you’re an active person, you’re not only going to need sustenance. That not only comes from eating right, but you are also likely to need supplemental drink options to replace all that you are sweating out and repair your body correctly. There are about 1000 types of electrolyte and protein powders out there and it’s getting harder and harder to figure out which one is right for you. Gnarly Sports Nutrition gets that, and we think they offer a better choice than many of the others.


Gnarly’s powder-based sport drink called Hydrate electrolyte mix comes in two different sizes – a 40 serving bag that I have found useful during garage weightlifting sessions, and a 5-pack of single serving travel sticks that are great for running. There are three flavor options – Orange Pineapple, Raspberry, and Ruby Red Grapefruit, each of which is loaded with B Vitamins and electrolytes.

I have tried the grapefruit flavor in the past (which I love) but was sent raspberry. Much like the grapefruit, I really enjoyed it a lot! I’m not keen on super strong flavors or sugary sweetness mid-run, and for me, the balance here hit the spot perfectly. The powder was easy to mix, easy to drink, and a simple swish of a water bottle or handheld mixed things up perfectly.

My stomach tends to be on the sensitive side, so trying anything new is always a risk and not something I would attempt before heading out for 10 miles in Forest Park. But I had no issues and no concerns with this one. It settled in my stomach well and seemed to provide sufficient energy and hydration for my workouts. I love that the ingredients list is pretty short and simple, and includes a lot of B vitamins as well as electrolytes – and only 4 grams of added sugar in a serving is a big plus!


Gnarly’s Fuel₂O that comes in three flavor options (Cherry Cola, Limeade, and Tropical). The taste was mild and they did not distress my stomach. They also did not taste powerful or overly sugary, and no one needs all that in the middle of a run.

What’s great about this product is that it’s meant to replace all those other energy gels and blocks, which I personally have a really hard time choking down when I’m out doing a race or huffing up a trail. Fuel₂O is a high-calorie, electrolyte-rich powder that you can throw into your water bottle on a “long run” or “big workout” day and it will replace (or supplement, depending on your preference) those other options. It’s also easy to digest which is honestly half of my trouble when I go for a long run.

I love that Fuel₂O is so easy – no mess of sticky blocks or gels in frustrating packaging on a hot day, extra room in my pockets for keys, and provides an ease of simply shaking it up in a bottle of water before a run. Water is what I need the most in the first place, so this just encourages that to happen.

Whey Grass-fed Protein:

I am only a recent convert to protein powder due to the fact I hadn’t found a powder that doesn’t taste – well – artificial. Gnarly’s version really blew me out of the water. We tried out their chocolate travel sticks (they also have vanilla) and have found them to be be perfect for my daily routine – a one-serving protein shake in the morning after a workout to stay fueled. The flavor is really tasty as a standalone, but not overpowering so that you can add some other items in (some frozen fruit perhaps or powdered PB Fit) to add a fun twist. Gnarly also has a vegan version, if that is more your style.

Honestly the combo of function and taste really have me a Gnarly convert now.

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