Tailwind launches Active Hydration Drink Mix

For me, nutrition and fueling has always been a weakness in racing and training. I tended to never take any fluid or nutrition intake during my long runs, and forget about anything short distance. For my last marathon, I knew I had to introduce fuel during my training (otherwise there would be no way of completing the marathon in the time frame I wanted) and it really made me realize what I was lacking. But hydration is needed beyond intense physical activities – and Tailwind realizes that.

Their new Active Hydration line is more focused on hydrating for shorter or less intense workouts – think a hike, or a gym workout, or a longer walk in the summer evenings – when you need a little something, but not the huge energy boosts.

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Tailwind‘s Active Hydration includes Cherry Acai, Tropical Orange, Tangerine Grapefruit, and Strawberry Lemonade flavors. We checked out the first two and have really liked them. I found the Tropical Orange to give hints of an “Orange Julius” or orange/vanilla flavor. The Cherry Acai was not my favorite, but I’m not a huge cherry fan to begin with. That being said, I have still gone through about an entire box without much complaint. I think that most will not have an issue with it either

Even with these fun flavored names, I did not find the taste to be overwhelmingly sweet. I like sweet drinks as much as the next person, but having a more subdued flavor profile really makes these much easier to swallow – literally.


The construction of the Active Recovery Line is a combo of electrolytes, collagen, and vitamin C. As I mentioned above, these are not as sweet as some options out there. This is due to the light sweetening agent of can sugar as opposed to overly flavored sports drinks out there. One packet has 35 calories.


For purchasing, there are a few items available – either a 12-pack box or single serving options. A packet can be added to 12 ounces or water – or double up accordingly for your water bottle size.

They also have bundles available – either a recovery only pack (with all recovery flavors) or coupled as a starter set, which is a variety pack of all their flavors of endurance fuel and recovery. These are perfect for on the go, and have the perfect amount pre-measured. All you do is pour into a water bottle and you are good to go.

Tailwind has a great product line, and we have recommended nearly everything we’ve reviewed. This is a very nice option that fits in well with their Endurance Fuel and Recovery Mix. If you are just now getting back to races, or if you are training for a marathon or just everyday life, Tailwind is great.


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