Running Right ‘Round Bend at the 2022 Bend Beer Chase

Just like there are many ways to slice a pizza, there are lots of ways to split of 55 miles. With the Bend Beer Chase, it is all up to you and your team.

This one-day relay event allows teams of one to six participants to divide up the 12 legs. Each leg’s distance is between 4 and 6 miles with local breweries providing exchange points, and samples for those other than the designated driver. The craft beer samples are optional for participants and not required for participation in the race. All participants get to enjoy the 20+ beers on tap at the finish line plus eight more sample spots through the Keg Leg.


So what makes this race great? Well, first off, it’s in Central Oregon, which is a beautiful place to run and a fun place to stay. And there’s the relay aspect of it, which is always a blast when you get a fun group of people together. And then, of course, there’s the beer, which is kind of a big thing in Bend, and lots of it from some pretty amazing craft breweries.

And not to worry if you and your friends are not up for any part of 55 miles. Anyone can sign up for just the Keg Leg and enjoy walking or running the 3-mile course in downtown Bend. The Keg Leg starts and finishes at the Deschutes Historical Museum after the completion of the Relay.

Bend can be a hidden gem in Oregon, and this race might be the chance to discover a new favorite brewery in a new favorite city. Get on over there!

Bend Beer Chase

  • When: Saturday, June 4
  • Where: 10 Barrel Brewing (62950 NE 18th Street)
  • Register: Online
  • Packet Pick-Up: Race Day
  • Cost: Cost varies depending on number of participants and number of teams already signed up. For the first 100 teams:
    • Team 1-2 for $225,
    • Team 3-4 for $450,
    • Team 5-6 for $675.
      • Prices increase for later registrants
    • Individual Registration for Keg Leg: $40
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