Strava Segment of the Week: Segments on this weekend’s Zena Road Runs in Salem

Coming up this weekend is the Zena Road Runs (preview here) a staple in the West Salem countryside among a handful of amazing wineries (and registration is only $35!). We have picked a handful of segments from this race in case you decide you want to participate in person or virtually.

The first segment is the entire 15k course (there is also a 6- and 3-miler) – a fun and challenging segment that will let you see how you stacked up on race day.

There are number of shorter segments along this course, but here are a few highlights:

The latter is a challenging segment that anyone who has run this race before has experienced. This hill is a category 4 climb with 8.6% grade over approximately .6 of a mile. It used to be situated at the beginning of the race in years passed, but since the starting line of the Zena Road Race has moved, it’s a little over halfway – making it something you need to remember and save some energy for.

Remember, you can still register for the Zena Road Runs for just $35 to participate in person and bookmark these segments!

Also, if you use Strava (or want to get started – it’s free!) please join the Run Oregon club! We currently have 722members! It’s a fun way to keep track of your miles and see how others in the area are doing.

Strava is an online training and racing log for runners and cyclists. The basic account is free and requires you to create a login. Note that this is not sponsored by Strava, nor endorsed or supported in any way by Strava. It’s just a fun thing we’re going to do to give some speedy shout-outs to area runners and pose a challenge to those of you willing to take on their segment. 

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