R U Ready for Some Relief? Check out the R8 Plus Roller

Most of us have at least one foam roller, or roller ball of some variety, that we use to roll out those pesky, sore muscles. Some are small, others are bigger, but regardless, it’s a necessity when it comes to dealing with delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

Typically, we lay out on the ground, in different poses, with a roller between us and the ground, and roll our legs, back, and arms against it. It looks a little funny to the non-runners, but we know why we do it, right?! Perhaps there’s a better way? Enter the R8 Plus Deep Tissue Massage Roller from Roll Recovery. It’s a super light (3 lbs), easy to use, force applied roller that will change the way you treat your muscles.

For starters, the R8 Plus is super easy to use, and can be used standing, sitting, or laying down. It’s designed to massage your upper and lower legs, by way of spring-loaded tension that you can adjust. There’s nothing to it, other than grabbing it and using it.

As for some personal notes about the R8 Plus, I love how lightweight it is, and how easy it is to use. I’ve enjoyed how I can work my glutes with relative ease, all while standing in my living room, after a run. I’ve also played with the tension quite a bit and discovered that my calves like a little more tension, while my quads like a little less. The adjustment can be done at any time, so it makes it friendly to everyone. It also travels well, but the TSA guy wanted to try it (LOL!).


Other notes worth mentioning are:
  • Quality of construction, which is superb.
  • The soft touch handle is as described, and makes it comfortable to use, not bulky or rough in any way.
  • The rollers can be taken off and exchanged for softer, or harder inserts.
  • Fully customizable at time of order.
  • $169.00 as tested above, available in 3 colors. $149.00 if you want to customize it. Inserts are $27.99 each.
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