Race Prepping for February 1- February 6, 2022

Welcome to our newest preview feature, where we showcase race opportunities coming up next month. We are now venturing into the second month of the year, so if you haven’t yet started planning your 2022 racing – now is the perfect time!

Races on the Way – Week 5

obrs_kickoff_2022 madass

Make sure you bookmark our Race Calendar for more info:

Date Race Race Company Location Region Cost Registration Link Distances
2.5.22 Bristow Trail Runs Level 32 Racing Dexter Mid-Valley $30-55 50K, 25K, 10M & 5M
2.5.22 MAD Ass Run MADras Runners Madras Central $0.00 50k, 25k
2.5.22 Oregon Brewery Running Series – Kickoff Event Oregon Brewery Running Series Portland PDX $15.00 5k

Other Notes:

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