UA “All Out Mile” – The Final Mile

UA3 So things didn’t exactly go according to plan. I did the Under Armour All Out Mile. That was the easy part, if you can ever call anything related to running “easy.” But like with most things, the follow up is the hardest part. The training. It’s like eating right .. Anyone can give up ice cream for one day. But give it up day after day after day.. so much harder.

Under Armour gave us all a window of opportunity to run 1 mile as a benchmark. I got that done. Read about it here. Then they offered us a training window, which I wrote about here. The tools were there, which makes it easy. Workouts were made available and  strength training is important to runners. Really important, says Coach Nikki. Because we need more than just running to stay healthy. Under Armour even has amazing clothes to help you through these challenges comfortably. Dress for success.

So then finally comes the opportunity to beat your benchmark. To see what the training was all for. To see if you’ve improved. So here we are.

UA2 I confess .. I didn’t get all the training in that I needed. Having a family and a job means some days it’s really difficult to get stuff done. Difficult, but not impossible. Because if you want to get anything accomplished, you can make the time. If you took the time to read this and I took the time to write it, there’s time to train for a mile. It just takes the dedication and commitment. If you want anything at all, you do what you have to. It’s not even that hard. You just have to want it.

So I did it. I ran the last mile. I did do some of the training. But as I was running the mile again I was thinking I should have practiced doing it a few more times after the benchmark. Because short distances can be even harder than longer ones sometimes. Having to run one lap fast is one thing, but 4 laps is a different beast. You have to run fast because you don’t have so far to go. But it’s far enough. Far enough to feel like you might die a few times or have your legs fall off. I had some aches and pains to contend with and I was running on a wet and gray evening, which meant I really wasn’t feeling it. But I did it. And I improved. I went from an 8:12 mile to a 7:49. That’s a big improvement in one month. Never mind that I used to run 7:30’s when I was faster and healthier and stronger. Progress is progress. That’s what matters.


I typically hate speedwork but tonight I remembered how good it is to challenge yourself and to get out of your comfort zone. It’s something I want to continue, whether it’s speed intervals or hill repeats or something else. It’s all good. And the trainer in me tells my clients when they hate doing something, they should do it more. Maybe I should listen to her more.

Pictured for my mile on the track:

  • Jacket: Women’s UA OutRun The Rain II
  • Tights: Women’s UA Speedpocket Wave 7/8
  • 1/4 Zip Top: Women’s UA Qualifier Run 2.0 1/4 Zip
  • Shoes: Women’s UA W HOVR Mega 2 Clone




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